Now MTNL Triband too on 2mbps

Time to rejoice for MTNL Triband users, all the users will be automatically upgraded to 2mbps from today. But this excludes customers under unlimited plan. But still I personally feel it is a great move. This will give a nice kick on the face of local net providers and it will make them upgrade their plans too.

I really love this kind of competition. This new year started off with great stuff.


  1. Wow!!! MTNL is trying to cope up on Internet. Thats great. But hope they provide good service. Though haven’t heard bad about Triband till date.

    I still prefer my local cablenet as I get LAN Connection where we play CS, Nfs, and share Tb’s of data via p2p software DC

  2. Upgrade to 2mbps was of no need, u don’t see any difference on surfing anything above 256kbps & with CRAP limits like 400mb doesn’t need that kinda speed lol. Speed is required when you need to download some bulky file.

    So upgrade to 2mbps = fooling Indians lol

  3. Holy Shit!!! This means the competition will make ever better offers, bring it on people. Jeez! Finally the ISPs pay heed to our age old demand of more speeds. Kudos…:D

  4. Well, Not having an unlimited 2mbps connections seems like a silly joke for me.

    500 MB data limit for a 2 MBPS connection will be the joke of the century. 😉

  5. I get 2Mbps connectivity in my Night Unlimited plan from mtnl ..although Mtnl clearly mentioned when the announced the upgrade …i guess it is the Email I shot to Mtnl Helpdesk and CC ed the Same to TRAI about the Disadvantage I would be at If i dont get 2 MBPS

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