5 things you didn’t know about me.

I finally decided to continue the trend after getting tagged from couple of (Vivek) people (Manas). So, here we go.

1. I studied in vernacular medium. I finished my schooling in Gujarati medium school. I had topped in English (SSC) but still I was not able to speak English properly. I had fear of speaking English and I always use to say “why did I study in Gujarati medium, I can’t even speak English” But that was 8 years back. Now, I am really proud that I was in Gujarati medium because to learn English or any language you just need to speak it more frequently. You will make mistakes and from those mistake, you will learn.

2. I love to take risks. Now, this statement does not mean that I take risks all the time. But I should say “I love to take planned risks” I think a lot before doing anything big.

3. I am a family person. I do not like sitting on the machine, working all the time. I prefer working till 7 PM and then spend rest of the time with friends, family and at home playing games on my xbox. I do not work on Sundays and work less on Saturdays. But there are exceptions in this too. When there is lot of work, many times I work till early mornings too.

4. I am on diet. Oops, I just heard my cousin calling me to grab some M&Ms. OK OK, I am trying to be on diet. I have plans to start morning walk too. I think that will be my resolution for new year.

5. Through Internet I met some of the most wonderful people like Megha, Pooja, Shibani and Ashish. (These are the people who are like my support – all the time with me – guiding me, kicking my ass if I screw up anything, cheering with me when I am happy) I also met some of the coolest guys like John, Aseem, Nikunj and many more. And I really thank Internet for that.

I think that’s enough. I am not tagging anyone because… hmm no idea. I am just not tagging. lol


  1. Glad to know I feature in that list. πŸ™‚

    But there is one more thing people don’t know about you. You are a spend-thrift (at least in my opinion) πŸ˜›

  2. “5 things you didnΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’t know about me” – Is that what u said Deep? Still cud guess them :p.
    You have been one person I have always looked upto for everything (except spending mayb – right Ashish, he is certainly a spend-thrift. lolz!).

    Phir bhi.. chalta hai yaar. Kamao, khao, piyo aur aish karo! Yehi zindagi hai!

  3. Ashish – I have started saving also πŸ˜› Just bought some gold, some SIP stuff and now will get one LIC policy too πŸ˜› But yea, I spend a lot on Gaming but I can’t help it, I love it πŸ˜€

  4. 7th thing about Deep (but this everyone know by now). πŸ™‚ He talks about his personal investments in public. πŸ˜›

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