I wanted to write lot more about my Matheran trip. Couple of good things to mention but I could not write because of work load. It is more of pending work than new work. But I guess it is matter of 2 more days. I have finished most of the stuff and hopefully my weekend will be relaxing.

For last 2 days, I have been sleeping after 4 AM, family people are yelling at me. Mom even asked me “What do you do till late? play games or something?” lol

But I somehow enjoy these things, working under lot of pressure, learning how to say “sorry, it is still not done” to client. (It happens many times when you are depended on someone for part of your work – but I have started keeping buffer period in between to reduce delays – and it works well!!)

One thing I learnt these days is, being calm. And it helps, really helps.

One more thing I want to point out based on my experience. If you are planning to start your own business, you should be prepared to face the heat; tremendous work pressure, financial pressure (in the beginning). You might have to work from 10 AM to 5 AM (No, it is not typo but my working hours these days). And lastly, like I have been saying this in all my personal posts, I will repeat here too.. you should enjoy whatever you do.

I worked whole day and night, but I don’t complain because I enjoy.

Oh yea, I know I am feeling sleepy and I should sleep now.

11.30 AM Guru haha, I have no idea what all I do these days. Work, movies, blogging – gosh, life is fun. I am enjoying it.



  1. You are an inspiration dude 😛 You are really doing a great job managing so many thing together. Keep it up! Good luck!

  2. yeh, u r one of those true workaholics 🙂

    Keep it up… All The Best and may u get more and more energy to work and grow big 🙂

  3. to sum up what his life is like… that is what i say to be in “Software Development”

    PS: SwO2 (Software di oxide)

  4. Yes, Deep. Starting your own business, does makes things fuzzy at times.

    Its about loving the work you do for life, which will make all work look like . its natural.

    I have dropped out of 12th due to some undue reasons.

    Started with online work and services. And being a full time webmaster at this age. Handling people and all. It does makes difference.

    And surely, education is most important in life 😉
    Will rejoin soon next year.

    About your working hours, hey let me know when you are online late nights. Because I myself sleep in the day time mostly haha.

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