Just STOP it!!!!

In the school we had learnt that “Gaay Hamari Maata Hai” (Cow should be treated as our mother). But few people does not seem to understand it.

I am talking about the cow slaughter happening in Maharashtra. No one seems to be bothered about stopping it. I am not going against it because it is Cow (Holy animal for Hindus), be it any animal, I will always be against it. I personally feel killing of innocent animals should be banned and there should be strict punishment if someone does it.

Now, by this I have no plans to start any debate on the veg and non-veg food. I am talking about Slaughter houses.

You can sign the petition online here

Thanks Shyam for letting me know about it.


  1. Like you deep i don’t want to start any debate but it is very strange that how our minds come up with ideas/arguments/comments to support our thinking and above all that we some how start thinking that it is right. No matter what happens we support that thing.

    Just a thought, there are three percpectives of things, some think of it as good (do able) others bad (must not be done at any cost) and the third party is which won’t give that issue a thought (i will say neutral). So, if you are on one side, you will say that “My side is right” and if on other you support the that one and give as many arguments as many you can. But how can you proove that you are right and others are wrong.

    One is hindu/muslim/sikh because he is born in that family that is it. How many of us give a thought to our religion and studies the other religions.

    And in the last to be good, one msut respect the others, their life style, their rights. Eating cow or not eating is not a very big deal.

    PS: I am sorry if my words hurt some one.No hard feelings buddies.

  2. I have also thought about this killing of animals for food or any other cause.
    But I fear this will not stop. As many of us can’t stop eating chicken, same as muslims can’t stop having cow meat, and those who wear fur/leather clothes will not stop it.

    So supporting this might not bear any fruit.

  3. Shyam!

    I don’t know what u think of the video but again that is rubbish (not to harsh or any thing but that is what I feel). The lady itself is wearing leather shoes, many of the amplifiers also wearing wool/ weather stuff. I think, this world is about humans not the animals (might be wrong but that is what I think). If you are talking of living beings then why to cut trees (won’t you know that they are also living beings and it is more harmful then the issue under discussion… think for a second that they produce what we need most… Oxygen)
    So it is just a matter of what side you are. You won’t stop supporting your side what ever argument(s) is put forward to you. I don’t see a reason why stop killing them as we feed them to be get benefits out of them (not only milk but also other stuff). And think for a second that now each and every thing is being used (one example being … Intestines are used to weave threads which are being used in surgery). So think again and think carefully, I do admit that excess of every thing is bad but again I many earn their living out of that act.

    PS: Again I am sorry if any gets hurt by my words but that is what i feel and no hard feelings jiggers.

  4. yeh its a crime according to me … if they can punnish the person for killing a human thn why not the one who kills animals.. wht thrs fault yaar….

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