Traffic Signal Movie Review

When it is Madhur Bhandarkar film, there is 100% guarantee of watching some shocking realities. Be it Chandani Bar or Page 3 or even Corporate. Traffic Signal has continued the trend but it lagged in between and things started becoming difficult to handle.

The movie is story of beggars, newspaper vendors, in fact each and every person who is seen at our traffic signals. It gives insight about their working… how things are planned so that they earn more money from their booth (signal) and also how they are related underworld.

Silsila (Kunal Khemu) is manager of the gang working at one of the traffic signals in Mumbai. The team includes everyone form newspaper vendors to the beggars. Silsila arranges work places and provides protection to them and in return he gets part of their income. (It is known as Hafta in Hindi) But because of one mistake of Silsila, the whole traffic signal business gets shut down. What was that mistake? You will have to watch movie to find it out.

The credit of the movie mainly goes to Kunal Khemu as he was the central character of the movie, whole movie revolves around him. I must say, this guy has improved a lot compared to his earlier film. And for a change, he looks matured person here haha. You will be shocked when you will find the workings of everyone at traffic signal, how things are planned and how everyone from local politicians to bhais in Dubai is linked. But I guess that was not enough for the movie. Apart from showing shocking and interesting facts the movie lagged a lot in many parts. It was mainly because of the 3 un-invited songs and some unnecessary scenes. The first half looked much more interesting than the 2nd half. In the 2nd half, I just felt like leaving the theatre as things were not moving, it was just same thing all the time.

The movie would have surely done well if they would have made it bit shorter, say approximately 1.30 hours.

Let me sum up the things:

Story: Very different and real story but the movie needed a good editor. Ending was very disappointing.

Music: Bad!!!

Acting: Kunal Khemu shines like a gem in the movie. Other actors had very limited roles as there were many characters involved in the movie. It was good to see Ranvir Shorey in non-comic role, he was impressive like always. I would love to see Neetu Chandra in glamorous role (though she had a forgettable role in the movie Garam Masala), she did her role well.

So overall, I would give this movie 2 stars out of 5. I would suggest spending bucks on Rocky Balboa (which is exceptionally good) than watching Traffic Signal.

Predictor Meter: I do not see any chances of this movie reaching the HIT mark. It might be difficult to recover the cots too.


  1. Know what ?

    I really wasn’t excited for this movie for its storyline or something although it DOES make an importance.

    I was, rather I AM gonna go see this movie for

    1) Madhur Bhandarkar film
    2) How he has portrayed the life at the most uncommonly common place, the Traffic Signal.
    3) I wanted to see KunalKhemu act ( No not that way. I still haven’t seen his anti-porn flick… wait what was the name…. )

  2. I don’t know somehow I felt, it could have been made much better movie by editing some of the unnecessary stuff. But let’s see how it perfoms at box office.

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  7. Hi, I saw this movie and of course i was really shocked with lots of reality in this movie which may be we are not aware the practical life.

    Well this movie is excellent, all charactors has done a good job

    All the best.

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