Thanks MSEB

I would like to thank Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) for their tremendous efforts in increasing the load shedding time from 2 and half hours to 3 and half hours.

I really can’t express how much happy I am.

My sincere request to MSEB would be to increase the load shedding times to 12 hours in a day so that we cannot work at all. Or may be they can try out disconnecting power supply once in a week for the whole day. This way they will save lot of electricity and we will also get a very nice experience of living in some alien place.

Thanking You

Deep Ganatra


  1. lol
    nice way of expression
    may be u need a alternate power
    but this will cause a hole in your pocket:P

  2. Hm… sounds good… wish MSED reads your post and does the needfull ;). Lol you will help them in saving electricity.

  3. this way bangalore rocks…
    say a 5 minute powercut in a month..
    that too all areas..

    sad to hear that mumbai has huge amt of powercuts.
    i mean if any tire-2 city then it was okay.. BUT MUMBAI… I am supposed to love mumbai…but…

  4. Oh Well..

    Its all because of those bloody politicians. ( Yeh Yeh.. here too )

    Mumbai Mirror carried this article the last time Mumbai was having powercuts. It showed a picture of the BMC hQ or some other famous bulding lit up with lights like it was Diwali or something and here we were having power-cuts.. Mofackas !

    Anyways, this time.. my part of the city isn’t affected 😀

    All the best to you 😛

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