Black Friday Movie Review

When I had watched this movie some 2 years back, I used to think “why the hell this movie was banned?� and now when I watched it today, I asked myself the same question. I still do not know what was so bad in the movie which made our authorities to put ban on it.

Anyways, let me move directly to the point.

The movie is about bomb blast carried by Dawood Ibrahim / Tiger Memon in March 1993. The movie throws light on, how the blasts were planned and how police arrested 189 people. But while narrating the whole thing they somehow slowed down for no reason and movie became kind of monotonous for few minutes. Specially some of the scenes at the ending of 1st half and beginning of the 2nd half could have chopped down by few minutes. But apart from this, the movie was “A� grade movie.

What I liked most in the movie was, the way they have shown effect of blast on everyone, be it police (the frustration they had because of the work pressure), be it blast accused people (the frustration they had because of feeling of insecurity) or be it parents or relatives of accused (the fear they had on their face because they did not know what their son / brother is getting into).

The other best thing in the movie was: the homework. Very detailed research done and they have covered every minute detail related to blast. Everything from how the RDX was smuggled to how things were planned for the blasts.

Okay, time to sum up the things.

On the acting front, Kay Kay Menon (Police Inspector – Rakesh Maria) was impressive, 2nd character I liked most was of Pavan Malhotra (Tiger Memon). There was Dawood Ibrahim lookalike too (Vijay Maurya) but he did not have much to do. (There was no need to explore his character too)

On the music front, when there is Indian Ocean, there will always be freshness in the music. The music was fresh when I had purchased the CD (some 2 years back) and even now, it just makes you sing along with them. A very different kind of music which may not be liked by everyone. In short, Pure and fresh music.

On the story front, like I said earlier, things were going pretty well overall but I somehow felt, the movie needed a better editor.

So overall, I would rate this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. “A� grade movie, I really wanted to give it 4 stars but the slow pace in some areas did not allow me to. But it is a “must watch� movie. Do not wait for DVD to arrive, watch it in the theatre.

Predicto Meter: The movie should do fair amount of business, word of mouth publicity will help the movie a lot.


  1. Is some good performances and a lot of technical finesse enough to make a good movie? I don’t think it is – for a movie that falls into the ‘reality’ genre. The content needs a lot more depth than this one had. Also, I just didn’t understand the purpose of the movie. Was it to tell people how bombs are made or to tell terrorists not to terrorise? I think such movies receive more attention than they deserve due to the controversy they create. Full review at

  2. Damn,

    I was supposed to go watch this movie today.

    But mygirlfriend was like “let me ask my bro” and he was like “its not such a good movie” and so she was like “leave it then” and then i was like ” 🙁 ”

    Oh well..

    I hope I see it on Monday !

  3. Well, this is one of those fine made movies that india can boast of… but the oil money from gulf and the minority appeasement policies of the Indian government and the ruthless suppression by the communists of india has forced the black friday movie distributors to suppress the advertisement of “Black Friday” in India..

    And hence, this movie is not known to anyone in India… and the media has played a good role in suppressing this movie due to its allegiance to its sponsorers from the gulf nations who pour in oil money into these media (otherwise, these media cannot exist in India.

    And the people of India are dumb enough to not to realize this mute suppression of the freedom of expression.

    Only the foreign countries like USA shud come to rescue the Indians, otherwise, the gulf sponsored media will make the people of India the dumbs and the pseudo secularists

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  5. I think we all are missing the point here. It is not about how to make bomb or how to explode them. It is about why they have done that. What compels them to be so harsh, cruel and above all so inhuman. I really missed reading the fact, none of you notices, is how everyone felt. From the one who are guilty and the ones who are responsible (Deep did mention this but not in the way it has to be).

    If you watch the movie being a Hindu or Muslim you will miss the whole point. You need a lot of courage and stomach to digest all the truth (i.e. what makes them the way they are… when one of the Muslims told Police that they are taking revenge because they are even scared of police as police is unable to secure them even treated them badly and harshly). This is what needs to highlighted and understood. I really like the direction and script and the way they told the whole story without saying but showing what needs to be shown.
    I think it is a must watch for everyone.

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