Abusing English

When it comes to Abusing, we are always on top. Be it abusing people, be it abusing freedom (moral policing, censorship) and now we have abusing of English.

Not to confuse much, I am talking about those bunch of idiots who abuse English just for the sake of numerology.

I know this has been happening for quite sometime but now a days, I see each and every movie name or television serial name abused.

Some of the funny names are as below:

Current Spelling – Correct Spelling

Kayamath – Kayamat

Kasautii Zindagii Kay – Kasauti Zindagi Ki

Zindaggi Rocks – Zindagi Rocks

Kaajjal – Kajal

Mainly these things are abused by K team and everyone follows them blindly. I have no idea how their success depend upon the numbers? They need to show something which will make people sit in front of the screen.

Damn, why there is no censor board on abusing of English?


  1. On an average – nobody cares. I don’t know why but standards of television / music are very low in this country. Although the talent is there, it’s just that the standards are low. And mediocrity is acceptable. And numerology is *cool* 😛

  2. Actually,

    No one cares what English they use..

    The people who crazily love the show, watch the shows and are more interested in the crying and bitching and accidents that go on and on in the show.. that they don’t care about the above..

    While, the people who craziliy hate the show…well.. don’t really give a fcsk about it


  3. I don’t know about others but i don’t much care about this thing. BTW, nice observation… 😛

  4. Good one Ashish 😉

    DJ – Actually, it just does not limit to the names of serials, it is same for names of a person too. The bad part in this is – why these guys dont think logically? I am a movie buff and it pisses me off when I see some odd spellings for movie names, take example of Zindaggi Rocks, it just does not make any sense.

    Watching serials or movie does not matter here but the post is more about foolishness going around on the name of numerology or say on the name of earning more profits..

    But yea, this thing also fade away as the time passes…

  5. Come to sourthern India, the fun starts there.


    When will they learn to place the “h” in right place.

    About that extra ‘g’ .. it’s like “Asoka” movie.
    It’s a marketing trick. It creates an extra buzz, a new trivia, a reason to talk about the movie. (You know, it’s working … hehe 🙂 )

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  7. i dont believe in that numerology shit. whom will they blame if their serials fail despite the extra i’s and k’s and god knows what…..

  8. English is abused everywhere if you look around, even in my country. People are saying as long as I understand the meaning, it’s okay and of course the purists don’t like it. Think it’s creative abusing rather, more for creating a storyline or for marketing reasons for new products, as what Vivek says. 🙂


  9. Ekta kapur and her personal astrologer sunita menon are the nasty jodi who started this pathetic trend of adding unnecassary alphabets. i tell you what the content of ektas serials has no ‘sir-pair’ and she believes by adding these alphabets, her serials are gonna work. kasamh se,kkavyanjali, kausauti zindagi kay are nothing but humongous pile of shit. (I have neva seen them but i can bet) few years ago i didnt quite understand the “spelling mistakes” in the name of every serial’s name. later i figured out that this tika lagane wali ekta is extremely superstitious.. i mean she goes to the extent of asking horoscopes of the actors as well(urrggh!). and now every television actor has had her/his name changed. please find sum1 who can sue her on d grounds of abusing english ow she mite keep us iritated for the next 20-30 years

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