SVN for Dreamweaver

Okay, now this one is bit of techie stuff and might go over the head for many readers.

For last few days I have been playing around with Subversion (SVN) for project version management. (It is a version control system basically).

I use Tortoise SVN to control the SVN from my machine (Update / commit etc..) but it was kind of cumbersome to update the folders every time. So, after using powers of Google, I finally found a Dreamweaver extension which lets me update / commit files directly from Dreamweaver. No need to go to that folder and update the stuff. Just right click on the folder in Dreamweaver and update it.

You can get this extension from here.

Technically, it works along with Tortoise SVN and provides SVN options in Dreamweaver. It is free, works well for me and I am happy in the end 🙂


  1. Having a code repository support inside IDE is really cool. I use VSS plug-in with eclipse, and all my check in-check out stuff is handled by plug-in itself.

  2. Doh!
    Seems to be gone now, all that’s at that link is one of those generic, long ads about you buying something with heaps of testimonials etc…
    Unless I’m missing it somewhere in there!?

  3. hi,,
    i have actually the opposite requirement. the folks at my company have been using the default (VSS?) version control which comes with dreamweaver. I prefer coding html on notepad. is there a way I can use svn (or some other source control) to connect to the existing system?

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