How do I look, How do I look?

Okay, that’s my new super cool theme asking you 😉 I had got this theme designed quite sometime back but I was not getting time to work on it, so finally I gave up and asked one of my friends to code it for me.

And here we have a beta theme ready 🙂

There are few bugs here and there with the theme, there will be few usability changes too. I am going to fix all of them in sometime. I would like all of you to test the theme too.

Currently known bugs are:

  • Home page collapsible image does not change when the state is changed
  • All the windows are expanded by default where as only 1st should be expanded and rest should be collapsed
  • Need link to Home on the top (along with the page names)
  • Font size issue in Firefox 2.x with the Post meta text

If you guys come across more bugs, do let me know.

One more thing, I have changed the host too. I moved to MediaTemple (GS series) because it allows me to eat more server resources 😉


  1. One word.. Fantabulous.

    Nice blend of colors here and there ?

    I’ll try to come up with a bug, if possible. I mean, I’ll find one.

    Ohh and hey, who was your previous host ?
    I was thinking of (mt)’s (gs) too. But I read quite a few reviews that they were down quite often..

    How’s it been for you so far ?

  2. I was on ResellerZoom earlier, I have my other sites hosted there. The main reason for MT is, their grid server. I have an educational site which is going to eat up server resources like anything (due to exam time table and results) So for that site I bought hosting at MT. I bought the package today itself but one of my friends is on MT and he is quite happy with it.

  3. Oh yea, I gonna fix it in sometime. Can you test this, on the bottom, click on the Next Page, previous page links and tell me if you see any internal server error or not?

  4. Can you test this, on the bottom, click on the Next Page, previous page links and tell me if you see any internal server error or not?

    Nope. No errors. Works fine for me 😀


    I have an educational site…

    How about one for us, Diploma students ??

    Also also,

    Could we talk on IM ( If you don’t mind of course ). Just add my email on MSN 🙂


  5. It looks good. But in my lappy, it looks “tiny” and cramped. Good for 800*600 resolution only.

    Other than that, it’s a cool n refreshing theme.

  6. ahaaa… u look sexy … and too good .. and amazing. and smart.. and mind blowing.. and hmmmmmmmmm…:)

    too good Deep… u r the best in selecting the colours and make a site look beautiful 🙂

    Good Job. u r always the best..

  7. Nice look and feel. BTW where is home link ? Agree with Manas that it looks more professional.

    Good work man, keep it up.

    FYI:I like the green color (something here… as olive green is my fav… :D).

  8. Urchin wrote:
    BTW where is home link ?

    Clicking on the Logo takes you home..

    Why would you need a button ?

  9. Actually button is good for better usability…I will have the Home button there very soon.. currently my major issue is problems related to server settings. For some reason, some of the pages are causing internal server error so I need to fix that up first.

  10. Agreed with Chrono… Red is a little disturbing color… last day it is ok as of 14 but in normal routine… it is not… 😛

  11. hey deep,
    there seems to be some bug when I view the comments in IE6.0. The left margin of the comments is such that the first one or two characters are not visible. for eg : in one of DJ’s comments about clicking, I can only see “licking”. Now I don’t know whether it’s error because of my browser or your theme but thought I should tell ya.

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