Uh ah oh, bad coding…

Bad bad bad coding… I am talking about the code of this current theme. As mentioned earlier, I had got it done from a friend just to save my work and time. But I guess, I will have to recode it.

Lots of conditional CSS, usage of deprecated template tags, unnecessary PHP conditions, no seperate pages for templates like page, archive, single, search form, 404 error pages and lot more minor things. The code looks like, lot of fixes have been applied to finish the things quickly. Aaah, I somehow hate the ugly code.

For the time being, I cleaned up lot of mess but I think recoding will make the whole thing perfect. There are some bugs in the comments area too. (Check in IE)

Okay guys, time to sleep now, it is 7.20 AM already, working on it for past 3 hours.


  1. This is a Test
    well deep comments work here without any problems.
    i have you are a man of hard work and like very thing in perfection. if i have been in your place then i would let this kam chalu theme for some time more

    kudos to you!!

  2. me too, this theme is not for you. i did not like this for the kind of blogs you write.

    anyways i am just a viewer, not a judge [:)]

  3. uh ah oh.. don’t shoot hurts haha

    Actually I liked this theme but like Shibani says, it does not show or express myself. This theme was mainly to test out work of new designer and I will use it for sometime, tweak it and then may be release it for public.. but I am not sure.. let’s see…

  4. I like the theme as it is different and looks elegant. But not like the color scheme, may be a better color scheme will do the trick.

  5. maybe this should not hurt you deep.
    i feel all ur posts are like talking to we indian public.

    if u remove ur posts, this theme is good.
    but buddy you got me who visits ur websites atleast 4 times a day to check for new posts..

  6. Yup, this one is kinda decent one with sober look.. I will test it properly and then release it soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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