Officially in Love :)

2 crazy heads meet on the net through an educational site. Chat like crazy in the beginning. Talk about world’s 8th wonder (if they both get married). They both decide to meet at a crazy place like University instead of meeting at a cafe or something. They both find each other quite interesting. They meet for the 2nd time and this time the guy proposes her. It takes a week for the girl to say Yes. But on 25th Dec, she decided to say Yes. On 1st Jan, they are on their first date, Place? Imax and Worli Sea Face. They go on their 2nd date, place? Imax and Worli Sea Face and 3rd date? Imax and Worli Sea Face haha crazy people end up meeting at the same place everytime.

After all those crazy things, they both decide to inform their parents about it. But things does not turn up as expected. The whole thing becomes like a movie. Her parents do not agree for the marriage nor does the guy’s parents. But then later guy’s parents agree for the marriage but girl’s parents still do not agree.

After waiting for more than 8 months, finally the girl’s parents say Yes. Both the parents meet and 🙂







They both get engaged happily 🙂

Now, it is time to wish both of them by posting reply here 🙂

btw her name is Megha..


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  2. Aha .. ! Came here after a long time and what a big surprise .. !

    Great going Deep .. 😀 .. And congrates to both of you .. 🙂 And the very best of wishes for your future life .. 😀 ..

    Abay you should’ve sent a console message on your server or emailed all your customers about this .. 😀 ..

    Chalo congrates again and wish you alllll the best .. !

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