Aao Mere Sher…

Okay, if you don’t understand Hindi.. in English it means “Come my tiger..”  Here Tiger / Sher is used for our so called Indian Tigers, Indian Cricket players. So much hype and these idiots start peeing when they face any other tiger. They can play well only against rabbits. Damn, these guys should know that they are carrying hopes of crores of Indians.

Dhoni, young star of India. My foot.. 0 runs. Sachin Tendular, little master, world’s number one player – damn, 0 runs.

I want them to be welcomed with garland of shoes / footwear. (Jooto ka haar)

161 – 9, bloody hell.


  1. Now, PEPSI & Other Brands who Spent Millions in making those Larger than life to support the cricket and fans all over india are gonna break their heads for sure!

    Poor Pepsi! Spent so much on advertisements .. “THE GOLD CUP” Special..well…. common india.. what the heck is happening to you ????

    Patience has its limits… and you never understood that.. now go.. DINE IN HELL (famous lines from movie 300 πŸ˜› ).

    All I can say.. “BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!”.. something that SRI LANKAN’s should have already said!! πŸ˜›


  2. Did anyone buy the Save Dravid’s Ass band?? OMG What the hell.. we can’t let this go so easily!! Come on it is a shame on us. What a shame!! They represent us man.. and they are out of Worldcup!!! God.. and now they are dependent of Bermuda to qualify for the super 8.. I say if you have some shame left come back to India..

  3. Man atleast they lost to a worthy team. What would have happened if it lost to a worthless team afterwards that would have been really shameful. But still that does not justify their behaviour obviously

  4. If Setmax does not want to face more losses, they will pay bangladesh some amount and get them out of the WC. And this will open doors for India. But this is again from the point of view of a businessman πŸ™‚

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