Batti Gul!!!

It left smile on my face when I read the news about no powercuts in Mumbai but it did not last long. The daily load shedding did not stop, infact it increased to 4 hours from 3.5 hours. And even worse, from today it is going to be 4.5 hours daily.

Can you imagine, bloody 4.5 hours, that makes half working day. I recently bought heavy duty inverter and UPS for my office. But now I think it is going to be of no use, my UPS can run  2 pcs for 4 hours each but now I think, I will have to look for better solutions which can run office computers for more than 8 hours each.  I am pretty much sure that soon this 4.5 hour limit is going to reach 8 hours.

It is just ridicules. Bloody none of the suburbs apart from Mulund and Bhandup are having power cuts and here we have f**g powercuts. They don’t see that work is getting affected because of this shit. We do not mind paying some extra amount every month but give us the damn basic facilities.

I personally feel it is all politics, if Reliance or Tata can buy power from other states or other places then why can’t MSEB buy? Why government is not announcing load shedding in other suburbs, why Mulund and Bhandup are left out? Just because we have MSEB here and at other places it is Tata or Reliance? Too many questions left unanswered.

We seriously need some RDB (Rang De Basanti) effect now.

I am really sorry if my language is kind of rude in this post but I am seriously in no mood of being polite.


  1. Well dude, your anger is quite justified, and such words are quite obvious, with such a hugely important factor in any city’s infrastructure gets bad, one does get furious. So your anger is entirely justified. God knows when will the day come when we have enough electricity to satisfy the demand.

  2. Gaurish A.k.a Gary4gar 18-Apr-2007 at 7:59 am

    Its not only in mumbai its the same story all over india expect there isn’t any power left for trading. may be we can collectively generate some power & save it. one solution is what people of pune has done. People there have started a captive power project. the eletricity generated from this project is costs more than normal i.e 40paise per unit but only when your bill has more than 300 need of RDB effect:D

    Just a small collective effort can make a diffrence

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