SBI Card – The Worst Card Ever

If someone offers you a free lifetime credit card and if it is SBI, then please please please for god’s sake do not ever accept the offer. I have already made a mistake by applying for the SBI card and I do not want you guys to make the same mistake again.

Here is my story:

I had applied for lifetime free SBI card though Lifestyle departmental stores. I used the card on few occasions and cleared my payment from time to time. At that time I was using SBI’s online facility to check my invoices because I was not getting invoices by post. But After sometime, the online site stopped accepting my username and password and new registration also did not work. After 4-5 months a person from SBI visited my place and asked for the payment. On inquiring, I was told that I have to pay some Rs. 590 as installment and my alleged pending payment was around Rs. 3,000.

After talking to the manager, I got to know that invoices were being sent to wrong address and this way the interest got added with the actual amount. The person apologized for the same and assured me that he will send fresh copy of invoice with correct amount within 2-3 days. But till date I have not received that! After 3-4 months, I started getting invoices with the same incorrect amount.

I called up customer care regarding this issue. I was told to get in touch with GE via email. ( But instead of getting a proper reply, I received a reply after 20 days stating that they were not able to find my account information in their database.

During this period, I started getting harassing calls from Payment Department (Delhi) daily at around 9.30 AM. The calls did not stop despite explaining them the reason every time. After few days, I spoke to a person named Sumit and he assured me that I will have to pay just the actual pending amount i.e. Rs. 1468 and rest of the charges will be waived off as they were incorrect.

However, to my utter dismay this too did not help. The invoices with incorrect amount did not stop. I tried to explain my ordeal to customer support person again but the representative (Ashish Gupta) was not able to understand the issue and kept on saying that I will have to pay the whole amount.

To make the things worse, I got call from their payment department again, this time the lady was kind of rude. I explained the issue to her but she was just blaming everything on me saying it was my responsibility to pay the amount. But she did not say anything when I asked about their responsibility to send the invoice on time and to the correct address. She again asked me to pay the principal amount (Which I had paid last time), I asked told her to speak to Sumit (the guy who had asked me to principal amount of Rs. 1468 and they will waive off rest of the incorrect charges) but she said, she does not know him as they have 1000s of employees working there. I do not understand, if they have 1000 employees then why can’t they make a simple log of calls made to customers?

I have asked the lady to send me the statements again and I will pay off whatever is the principal amount is. But after that I am not going entertain these guys at all. Let them do whatever they want.


Update: If Bank fails to solve your queries then you can also send your complaints to Banking Ombudsman on RBI Website

Update: SBI had sent me legal notice to pay the dues, I also sent them legal reply (My friend, who is also Lawyer sent it on my behalf). The calls stopped suddenly and today I got the statement with all the charges reversed, the total amount payable was 0 (Zero). So finally, I managed to get rid of SBI card 🙂


  1. the worst card is sbi that iam facing the problems with this card. the renewal card was not sent to me even after the completion of my card on 12/2008, till now. whenever ask them we will send it to you in this period of time but no proper reply 23/04/2009. But the interests penalties are being charged to me without a valid card. the worst card . every merchant afraid to this card as its payments are too late. thanks guys now i going to get rid of this card. thanks a lot.


  3. i also didnt had a nice time dealing with these sbi costemer care.i got a card and had it for one year and next year i asked them to cancel it as i no longer wanted a sbi card but they keep sending me card again and again i never accept it but they also keep callingand ask to pay the service charges of the card and dont even cancel it.
    they truly are a***oles

  4. Hi Guys

    It is GE the actual culprit @ SBI a foolish piggyback.

    GE is a foreign base company which is actually ovelooking the entire credi card business of SBI and emloying goons all over india to extract money from timid customers. If the customer resists strongly and uses legal methods such as police, legal notices or courts, these GE/Sbi goons run away.

    So do not worry about which card you use, all the credit card issuers are moneylending goons- just watch their interest rates when you don’t pay in time- which are highly illegal- That is the reason once most of our banks were nationalized.

    Ha Ha Enjoy

  5. guest what! I dont have a SBI card and I have been getting harassed for the past two years from SBI Card division in Delhi for payment of dues. Some clever guy has given my number and absconded and these idiots are calling me again and again. The amount has gone up from 15000 2 yrs back to 40000 till date. Talk about clueless !

  6. I was holding SBI credit card, which has validity till 2007. In 2006, i had lost my card and immediately informed to customer care to block the card in 2006. before that i was paying the balance regularly. why ur customer care people didn’t considered my requests. i have approached customercare many times in 2006 for informing them that iam getting statements still but i haven’t got good response from them. they told me that we we will consider and make clearance of your card. but still harrasing thru calls now.

    please any one can help me to get rid of this issue.

  7. Hi all,

    I was holding SBI credit card, which has validity till 2007. In 2006, i had lost my card and immediately informed to customer care to block the card in 2006.i stopped thinking abt this SBI card as i blocked. before that i was paying the balance regularly. why ur customer care people didn’t considered my requests. i have approached customercare many times in 2006 for informing them that iam getting statements still but i haven’t got good response from them. they told me that we we will consider and make clearance of your card. but still harrasing thru calls now.

    please any one can help me to get rid of this issue.

  8. I have paid my dues on 31st of Oct and cleared all dues, but they have levied Rs509.50/- which I think unfair.I tried to contact over your toll free number, but always found engaged even on holidays.N0-18001801290, 39020202.I may request you to squash my above amount so that I may continue to use my card. DrPatnaik

  9. Santosh Sethia 08-Dec-2009 at 1:08 pm

    Dear s/m

    I need seriously help and advice from right sources.

    I was a user of SBI credit card some 3 yrs back. In May ’07 I had paid my full SBI statement amount and had cleared the account. Later had sent a mail to SBI to close the account.

    Now its 3 yrs up the SBI Credit Card leagal department are calling me up and asking me to pay a sum of 3000.00

    On asking them the reason they say you have to pay a processing fee of 129.00 Per month even if you dont use the card. so in 3 yrs it has accumulated a sum of 3000.00.

    I dont understand when I had requested them to close the account how come the customer care people did not tell me about it.

    Today for not fault and mistake these people are charging me 3000.00 Rs.

    I need a serious suggession and help on how I can solve this problem without paying my non-fault amount.

    Hoping to hear from some serious helpers.


    Santosh Sethia


  11. I use SBI card and in last seven years not faced any problem.Their billing is
    transparent and well in time.I have had no problem whatsoever in billing and payments so far…R S Chauhan

  12. SBI card has issues and poor customer support.

    Nowadays I am getting an sms every month reminding me that the statement was sent to the mailing address. If not received send an sms to 56767 with a 11 digit key.

    Once I didn’t receive the statement and sent an sms. Immediately SBI card took the matter to the Courier company and SBI Card sent me a duplicate copy of the bill. Courier boy had delivered it to some where [or not delivered any where] and made an entry in his delivery sheet that the courier was delivered. Sometimes courier boys will do such things.

    May be SBI CARD is following this process after many such complaints were made [like the original post].

    From my experience, I can say that STANDARD CHARTERED is cheating the customers even if we pay the amount in time [through drop boxes]. They have cheated me twice continuously [by levying a late fee + interest for the late fee ] stating that I have not paid the amount in time. This happened even if I personally went and dropped the cheque 5 days ahead of the due date. When I contacted the STAN CHART customer support and explained this to them, they are insisting that I made late payment. Finally I paid around Rs 2000 for a Rs 1100 purchase [Rs 850 as late payment fees + interest on late fee]. I realized that STANDARD CHARTERED is cheating the customers like this and stopped using their card.


  13. Hello All
    Finally I’m writing here just to ease my anger what SBI customer care and its selling agents have given to me in last 5 months. I was offered an SBI Platinum card in Feb-2010 with the joining fee of Rs. 1500 and in return I was promised couple of benefits like… A gift voucher worth Rs. 1450 after accepting the card, Minimum 10-25% waiver on any air tickets, No transaction charges on IRCTC, No surcharge at any petrol pump with no limit on minimum value, No conversion charges if card is used abroad, 5-10% discount on departmental stores..etc
    I’ld say don’t even believe any SBI manager, since I was also ensured again and again by him while taking the card.
    Below is the mail chain which I followed up with highly unprofessional SBI customer care-

    The rediculous solution given to me by SBI customer care today on June-09-2010 after almost 5 months is:”Sir, money charged cannot be refunded neither it can be compensated in any way. As a solution, a strong feedback is already given to the sales manager, so you’ll not have any miscommunication in future from our side. If you want to close your card please tell us”

    Fw: ‘CaseID=003-473-017’ Regarding: W090430031362

    more details at:

  14. JebaKumar Swvigaradoss 17-Aug-2010 at 6:42 pm

    I am getting sick of SBI unable to change my Office address or home address. You need to learn the tricks of how to mess up simple things from them.

    The pin code of office address I gave was 500032 and they got that wrong as well.. They had entered 500046.. So it’s gone into another loop..

    SBI Card is becoming a “Comedy of Errors” literally.

    They had my… Old BLR address and I gave my new Hyd address.. Logically speaking they should verify my new Hyd address.. Right? These wise men went to my old BLR address and met a Security guard called Ganesh who told them ‘No one lives here by that name’…. So they did not change this address either..

    Was quite happy with them for years till this incident that has been haunting me for almost 2 months now….

    Losing my patience.. Will wait and watch..

  15. I used SBI Card for abt 3-4 years. No issues though (apart from one incorrect billing). Address change, annual fee waivers, etc were all attended to. I used multiple approaches at all times as I know what a customer in India has to undergo. However, the offers weren’t all that great. In the meanwhile I got a card with better offers. Going through the comments & feedback here, I surrendered the card abt 8 months before. This has been smooth as well. JebaKumar-In India, nothing’s attended to unless you raise your voice. Take them to task.

  16. ramesh v chiluvery 08-Nov-2010 at 10:05 pm

    even i am the same person who i am facing the problem with my card even my regular payment then also they are not activating my card simply they go on talk on coustmer care center but no reply

  17. I am too harassed by this SBI credit card.I applied for sbi card on 6 Nov 2010 soon after I apply i started getting fraud calls from some Gurgaon telephone numbers. I shall cancel my card soon

  18. Kapil Kumar Sopory 27-Dec-2010 at 9:24 am

    I totally disagree with the generalisation that SBI’s card is not worth using.
    The people saying so would have suffered this way or that BUT the reality is that SBI Card is much better than many in the market.

  19. Dear Friends,
    I reads all views/comments. I am a SBI Credit Card holder, so I know about service of this company. This company is a fraud company. This is not my words please visit:

    1. They add some wrong charge; if you notice it and complain about this they will reverse else you have to pay that charge.
    2. The give false promise all most time.
    3. They have no synchronization with customer care department & payment department, all of them say they are right.
    4. In case you are in financial problem and payment department assure that pay some amount (but less then minimum amount said by statement) and you have not pay late fine. Be care full you have to give late fine on next bill.
    5. If you purchase a huge/big amount (near credit limit, and your credit amount + approx interest chargeable for this billing cycle > credit limit) product by card and pay the amount before billing date(not due date) and also you pay some amount 1 or 2 days before. be care full you have to pay over due amount.

    So how can I say this is a good company.
    [I have proof against my statement]

  20. I am using this Card since 12 Years.I was posted out of calcutta where my family lived. But I had to pay Electric bill, Mobile bill, Telephone bill etc in time. On my instruction SBI Credit Card paid all such bills and served me a single bill at month end and notified me the details to my e-mail address. I paid the SBI Credit Card through SBI Online. I also used to check the bills by logging in to SBI Credit Card which bills are billed and which are yet to be billed. Hence the complains do not match at all with my experiences.—Jyoti Hazra

  21. iam using sbi card since last ten years . generally no issues but the problem started when accepted SBI SPICE JET CARD . first the available credit limt has been reduced and adjusted between the cards .next they started charging exorbitant annual fee .when i tried to contact for the last six to eight months iam trying to reach through the cusomer care numbers but never successful. RESULT I REDUCED USAGE OF CARD and proposing to shift to another card .Iam ex employee of the bank . Despite of the loyalty to my bank i forced to take this division BAD LUCK

  22. r.venkataramanan 22-Feb-2011 at 7:11 pm

    i am using the sbi card for more than 7 years.though i received the card as a free card ,every year they charge tha annual fees and i have to fight with them to cancel it.this year also they have done that .the customer call line will be really rare to get.we have to wait for minimum 15 minutes to get that.what to do ? indian customers of any bank is like that only.poor indian people.

  23. SK Shrivastava 05-Mar-2011 at 9:10 am

    SBI and CITI bank cards are OK but worst are Standard Chartered, HDFC Bnak and ICICI bank cards.

  24. Prasanna Kumar Das 22-Mar-2011 at 2:35 pm

    I have been unnecessarily charged with the renewal fee although the card was a life time free card. In spite my writing to the Customer care several times, I am not getting a satisfactory reply. That way I feel that the persons sitting are not professionals or may be careless since they are public sector emplyees. I will be very happy if my problems are shorted out.

  25. shubhlaxmi chitnis 18-May-2011 at 1:38 pm

    I have made all the payments of the SBI card which was offered free to me in the year 2003. After which I stopped using it in 2005, and informed their off. in Delhi by written communication. Now, recently since last year I have been receiving calls from very rude people to pay a huge sum of Rs. 8000/ and odd Rs. I have asked for explanation of the same to all their exe. who call, but none are ready to give the same. I am harassed by them. So, I feel nobody should be SBi credit card customer.

  26. Hi,
    I have been an SBI card user from 5 years and have not had a single problem. The above could be isolated issues with some particular area. I always do my payment and account checking online. They also dont unnecessarily add silly charges like other banks do. So far it has been a good experience and I always pay before due date.

  27. I deposited my payment by cheque for SBI Card payment at their 10 No Market Mahaveer Nagar Bhopal Branch on 4th May 11 in their drop Box. The cheque has not been credited to my account. I sent the mail No body responded. But every day their reminders on phone will come 10-15 times a day at the time of their convenience affecting your concentration as if we are their slaves but problems is never solved.I am surprised how they are able to survive.

    I was given the phone number of the cheque collection agent he says he has left the job but Br. manager is unable to tell the modified number. Only God can save SBI Cards from thje mismanagement. this has happened twice.

  28. Thanks for giving such a good example, I had thought of taking up one, but after reading all your response I have decided not to risk it.
    I was too working in a customer service company but the above mentioned situations are the worst I had ever come to know about.

  29. Dr. V. R. Bapat 25-May-2011 at 6:10 pm

    I am using SBI card since 10 years. I have had no problem with them so far.
    My trouble started with their bill of April 1, for Rs. 10127/- The due date was 21.04.11. I issued a cheque for the bill amount on 08.04.11. Unfortunately as per them, I had wrongly written the date as 08.04.10. In their technical lingo this error is called “non-Bankable cheque”. I received a reminder call from them around 30.04.11 about non-payment. I was told that the cheque could not be used since it was wrong dated. I asked them why you did not inform me about the mistake in between 8th April to the due date of 21.04.11. I was shocked to receive their bill dated 01.05.11 where in they had added the following totalling to Rs. 5865.55/-
    1. Unbankable invalid fee Rs. 300
    2. Late payment Fee Rs. 600
    3. GST Rs. 547.73
    4. Fin. Charges on Retail Rs. 4417.82
    My plea to SBI is that had they proactively called me up and informed me about the non-bankability of the cheque I would have issued a new cheque. This could have saved so much of strained relations and loss of man hours to their staff as well as me.
    The customer care told me that they have reversed the charges under item No. 1 and 2 but are unable to reverse item No. 4. I do not understand the rationale of their argument. What is good for item No. 1 and 2 should also be good for item No. 4 since the cause of dispute for the charges are same.
    I shall be obliged if somebody enlightens me as to what remedy I have in this situation.

  30. dr.rpakash shende 26-May-2011 at 11:52 pm

    Hi i m using sbicard since 5 years, in case of redemption of point, they are sending gifts which are of bad quality
    let me share my experience,i completed my 5000 points, so i requested for gift redemption, so i asked them for jar set with glasses. ( now they removed from list) after opening package i seen jar with broken handle, glasses was rusted, so i called them and shouted,they told me to to Currier back.
    second year i again requested for dr,morphen thermometer it was embedded in crows shit,,,,,,,,,,
    its fact

  31. Somebody from gurgaon phoned me offering an out of court settlement for a credit card i had lost seven years ago and had beeen unable to cancel as i did not have the credit card number and that i wud otherwise have to go to court and wud have to pay Rs.1,70,000/= to SBI as penalty and interest and that the payment had to be done immediately and done online in which case that person wud get my credit card cancelled and all dues waived off.
    I was told by SBI Staff that such calls are fictitious & need to be ignored

  32. I was using a SBI card but the statements didn’t come at all on complaining to the Cust Care they assured that the problem wil be rectified & I’ll not have any troubles. But I’m facing the same problem, I cleared my outstandings with SBI cards in May ’08 & stopped using the card altogether. Some charges were assured to be reversed by the Cust Care were not done & now they are demanding 13K from me. There comes a call once in 4 months from the collection department, once I present the facts they assure me that they’ll look into it & get back to me but go back to sleep.

  33. I also had bad experience with SBI credit card. Executive told its a free life time card at the time of applying card. But after receiving card i saw in letter as 500 annual charges. I asked to cancel this card. But no one is responding properly. tell me what to do. and how to cancel card.

  34. i have given a sbi card forcifully against my will that it is free.but till now ihave never used the card or activate the card.but the bill written the minimum due rs.945 is coming .how strange.this is a worst card ever i used. i want to get rid of this

  35. Finally i got email from customer support saying that card has canceled and no need to pay amount.

  36. All credit card holding banks are fraud, Please don’t have a credit card of the bank in which you have a Salary Account. If you have the same you will find yourself bad if you miss-out the payment.

  37. RBI has to interfer in this matter, too much of interest levied on the card holders as metioned above, like goons who would say some story of interest long back, now-a-days they do legally under bank’s name and policy and asking 36% of interest and 12% service charge and late payment fee 300×12, non payment charges 600×12.. totally they have no heart to lookinto this matter and making the consumer (mostly Middle class people) are ruined by this way.

    My advice is stay away from Credit card, have fun from wat you have in your savings..

    Best regards,

  38. I was searching for SBI Credit Card Sales Phone Number. Thought I will apply. But after reading the article.
    I rather stay away from them!

  39. Worst Card. I have got my card closed in Feb 2010 with no balance on it and now in dec 2011 I got a bill with some amount on it .. for past 22 months no bill, I am in US now and not sure what this GESBI card is doing.

  40. I have read the main article and some of the comments.At best i can only partly agree to them.I also initially had some bad experience with SBI Card thanks to a person named Rana.But now i have a good relationship with the company and am immensely benefited particularly in expanding my online business.

    The worst experience that I passed through was when someone from a reputed company hacked ( or did something like that to collect my card details) my SBI Card account and withdrew Rs.4000/-( Rs. four thousand).May be there was some fault on the online security system of SBI Card too.But as soon as I lodged my complaint with customer care of SBI Card, over phone followed by a Fax, my trouble was solved within 2-3 days and the amount was refunded to me.After that the money was recovered by SBI card from the fraudulent merchant too.In addition to that SBI Card blocked my card with an intimation to me and replacement with a new card within a very short time.

    Another thing I would like to mention here is about the FEE on my card.I had the Card on a special FREE offer to Govt. Employees. But unfortunately I was billed with the annual FEE every year.I had to call their customer care and they admitted that some fault had occurred and their system would always charge a FEE.As soon as the FEE is shown in the statement, i would have to call them and give certain evidence to the effect of my claim of ownership of the card and they would waive the FEE.Thus this is a regular matter of 3 minutes phone call every year.Now I don’t find it troublesome.

    However, I would still like to caution every user of any card that we should maintain certain precaution while using a Credit card and while going to take loan against CCs.They,including SBI Card,always pushe you to take such loans without explaining you all the details particularly that such loans attracts Flat rate.Flat rate is a very costly affair.


  41. SBI cards is really horrible. they are totally unprofessional and cheater. They allure customers by false promises and then exploit them. It is really very shocking that the RBI is totally helpless before their shamefull activities of sbi cards.

  42. Very true. Adding my story 🙂

    1. They sent me a bill 20 days before I got my card after my application..
    2. I talked to two customer care executives about why card is not delivered yet. Both of them said sir, don’t pay this month.
    3. And when I did not, they imposed a penalty of 200 (I saw it in my online account)
    4. I requested for a reversal, which they did.
    5. But in the next bill they sent my finance charges for non-payment.

    Bloody stupid operations.

    I plan to get rid of it soon.

    SBI card is actually GE whose back-end is managed by TCS – A tata company. Hence, the whole problem.


  44. Same here, I have applied on May 2017 and still its in process. one more thing bank not give me the application number too. Whenever I try to call toll free number, it ask for application and pin number. So i can’t register complain as it. When i try to contact by email, they ask me please give the application number ?!!!? and its almost 2+1/2month done and still

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