1. i have it in my queue but didn’t find the time to watch. Just heard about the fact that it is very very depressing movie. is it ?

  2. It is depressing but it makes you happy in the end 🙂 But no one can beat Provoked in the competition of depressing movies.

  3. I would love to watch it but the problem with towns like the one i live in is that most good hollywood flicks never make it to the theatres here and the ones that do end up here are dubbed in hindi…. and I can’t even find a original DVD of the film here… :((

    I’m just waiting to get an admission in a college in a metro… Maybe then I can watch good movies, till then I would have to do with the hindi version of “jackie, bunty aur babloo…”

  4. A good movie indeed with very good story line and acting. A must watch … I heard it is a depressing movie but i think it is better to look glass half full rather then half empty.

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