Ta Ra Rum Pum Movie Review

Few years back, when there was some Saif Ali Khan starrer in the theatre, our reaction used to be like “Oh, it’s Saif Ali Khan, we can may be watch the movie on our video cassette player, why to waste money!!” But now times have changed, now people say “Oh, it’s Saif, let me book the ticket now or it will be houseful!!” Well, yea, now Saif can carry whole movie on his shoulders. Excellent growth. (Like Akshay Kumar)

I am not going to waste much of the time by praising Saif, so, let’s talk about the movie.

The movie is about car racer RV (Saif Ali Khan), how he gets into the racing circuit, how he falls into love with Radhika (Rani Mukherjee), how he wins the races, how he meets with an accident and how he spends life after that.

I know it is one of the worst way of storytelling but I am here to write the review 🙂

The movie overall is very well made but it might not be liked by some group of people. This group includes the ones who knows what actually “car racing” is. In this car race, there are no rules, anyone can crash other car purposely and walk off. No police, no investigation, nothing. BUT apart from that the movie is almost flawless. Those great locals (I really loved RV and Radhika’s house) and great music does not let you leave your seat. (My favorite songs: Hey Shona and Saaiyaan)

Oh, did I mention that Rani looks stunning super stunning in this movie, I just loved her new hairstyle. Damn, I have started falling in love with her.

On the acting front, Rani and Saif were impressive. I like the 2 kids, Champ (Ali Haji) and Princess (Angelina Irani). Javed Jaafri was kind of bad in his Gujju accent. (No one can beat Paresh Rawal here).

So in short, the movie is definitely worth a watch, it has got everything which a good masala movie needs. 

I would give this movie 3.5 / 5.

One thing to learn from the movie is: Start planning about the future, save money and don’t rely on those cards with 16 digits embossed on it.

Predictometer: A sure hit. May not do good business in the small towns but it is surely gonna leave multiplexes packed for couple of weeks atleast.


  1. Hi deep,

    Just recently Megha told me to ask u “who is cuteest girl in this wrold?”

    I think answer is

    Rani Mukharjee(kidding)

    But surely Megha got a compitition (In hair style)

    Did u got any idea why its name is Ta Ra Rum Pum

  2. Well I was waiting for your review, and I’m kinda surprised with it. I did like Salaam Namaste a lot, its one of my favorites. But Ta Ra Rum Pum didn’t exite me enough, and I didn’t expect it to do well, but now I guess I’ll have to see it, but still might have to skip it, 3 big ones are lined up in May already, Spidey, Shrek and Pirates 🙂 So I guess will see Ta Ra Rum Pum when the DVD comes out

  3. Piyush – haha actually you are right she got good competition for the hair haha

    About the name – No idea I think it is just some random sentence which came in their mind. But I liked the name, it’s quite different…

  4. Gaurish A.k.a Gary4gar 28-Apr-2007 at 2:09 pm

    Nice review deep
    i will just go and watch it just on your Recommendations.

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  6. Yup ! both Rani and Saif look stunning in the film but it’s the kids that steal the show…

    How come Rani was worried about the iPod when her father was a millionaire? Can anyone register a NASCAR team and start racing within a day? When was siddharth anand’s guest appearence?

    Apart from these, the movie is fun..

  7. I have answer to first question, “How come Rani was worried about the iPod when her father was a millionaire?”

    Actually, it does not matter if the father is millionaire or not. She was more into saving money and spending less. I have few friends who have enough money to spend but they don’t and save on small small things 🙂

  8. I’m sure the talentless Siddhartha Anand and the factory of candy floss Yash Raj films will be happy to find fans like you…..who’ll love any crap that’s dished out to them just because the actors look good…..

    the movie was so full of loop holes and without a single decent joke….I’m happy I didn’t throw up midway….although I did feel nauseaous and on second thoughts I should have…..the girl was even more annoying than Dakota Fanning was in war of the worlds….

    how many Nascar drivers do you know that are Indian or non white for that matter….and how many nascar drivers do you know that would run out of money in a year after winning 50 races? This movie was Talladega Nights gone horribly wrong….oh and there were also scenes and concepts blatantly copied from Life is Beautiful and Cindrella Man…..

    so again if you liked the movie good for you and good for Yash Raj Films but don’t post this crap here and make your friends sit through the ordeal, unless they are retards like you.

  9. haha well, if you do not like anything then it does not mean that everyone who like the movie is a fool? it just makes things otherwise.

    Anyways, let me come back to the point quickly. India has population of 90% ppl or may be more “not watching” nascar so if they want to do business, then why will they make movie for 10%? get it?

    According to me, Yashraj movies or any movies, you should not take it more seriously unless they are making the movie which is on some reality based stuff.

    In short, the movie is worth 3.5 stars and it is going to be a hit.

    So let me reframe your sentence again.

    so again if you didn’t like the movie good for you and everyone with the same thinking but don’t post this crap here and unless you are a retard.

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  11. Well said Only BigB. That movie was utter nonsense.

    The entire two and a half running time is full of loopholes. Plainly…. the movie dosent make sense. It’s not funny, it’s not engaging,the screenplay is pathetic. And thats from the top of my head.

    How can someone who’s won 50 races and been the Champion for atleast 8 years(going by the age of “Princess” ) go completely bankrupt in one year?These guys make millions. They dont pay anything in instalements.
    How does Saif pick out Rani from a crowd of around 20,000 and talk to her from half a Km away? How can a NASCAR team be registered and find a sponsor and be ready to race in one day? How can one get aawy with smashing into other drivers intentionally on the racetrack??? This is racing. Not Demolition Derby… How can the the “Best Piano Player in the World” not find a decent jig???? How does an operation cost $65,000???

    Ok, I understand the movie is not meant to be taken seriously . And all these blatant loopholes and idiocricies might have been forgivable if the rest of the movie was even the least bit bearable.The script is poor,direction amateurish,music downright disguesting and the jokes meant for kindergarden.The only saving grace is Saif and Rani. They practically carry the whole movie with their natural charm and likeability.And the race sequences were pretty impressive for a Bollywood production.
    But in all it was huge sloppy mess.

  12. Max, I agree with your comments too but in India, the masses need something which has masala. For movie lovers these kind of movies are gonna be crap because there are many visible loopholes. Take example of Dhoom 2, many people found it crappy but in the end it was biggest blockbuster of 2007.

    It did well because Yashraj guys know the forumla of making a hit film, put more masala, glamour, drama, action and your film will be a hit. Obviously it does not work all the time but it does most of the times. In Tara Rum Pum’s case, it was like 50-50 situation, movie did not flop but it did average business and I think over the time, it will cross above average mark atleast.

    The era of old Yashraj movies is gone and these new masala movies have taken place. But I am sure soon it will end too. But till that time, Yashraj as businessman will make a good amount of profit.

  13. Im aware of how the movie business works in India. It is meant for the masses. But they could have had all the masala along with some witty screenplay and better direction. Just because its meant for the masses dosent mean that the movie has to have an IQ of below 60.

    The movie had a good premise, something not done before. It started well and they could have made it a lot better. If the filmmakers challange to insult the intelligence of movie goers, its plain ridiculous. I would call it lazy filmmaking. If they could pay a bit more attention to the details, the movie would have had a lot more potential. For a big budget and an innovative story line, the director was really pathetic. Its movies like these that really make you cringe.

  14. And that’s why it could not do that much good business right? So it was their mistake and they are paying for it. Infact I too had expected this one to be a hit but it did not reach the mark. I personally feel, despite of the mistakes, it is a one time watch.

  15. it was a faboulous film !!!!! rani looked fab n da film was really emotional and had a good message being geiven at the same time of u enjoying the moveie. Furthermore,the songs were great fun witha ma meaning, from babys to the elderly this is a great film.

    YOU MUSR SEE THIS FILM-ITS EVEN BETTER ON THE BIG SCREEN YOU’LL LOVE IT!!!! Its a film that has a good messsage which has never been given so well, in any other bollywood film SEE IT !!!

  16. This movie is really good especially it teaches few things which are essential for life.

    The first is to never let go of one’s dreams and keep fighting for it.

    The second is that one should plan for the future and save money because one doesn’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

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