1. Dont know whether I’ll be able to watch it this week, am out of station. But I too will give it 5 starts based on the trailers only ..

  2. I really am happy that you wrote nothing about it as the surprises would get blown away though they already have blown away. Yeah me too will give 5/5 without watching

  3. Hi

    I will give it 10/5 without watching coz i love Venom

    I dont know how venom is in the movie but in cartoon and comics venom is the hardest person(Acc. to me) on earth to beat for Spidey

    Coz venom war is war of internal of a man not of his powers or something exra ordinary he has

    Thats why i loved the cartoon character “Super Commando Dhruv” I forgot comics publishing but i think it was some “Raj Comics”

    thanx deep for not writing about the movie suspense

    And i love to see the end of venom

    So simple was to beat venom and still venom is most hardest viliian ever seen.

  4. agree with deep on the fact that 4 will be a good watch. I will give 3/5. Just an Ok sort of movie nothing special

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