Tata Indicom Broadband, Globcast and Ashok Somaiya

Ask anyone from Mulund about Globcast (Yea, this is how they spell it) and you will get introduced to abuse galore. I was lucky that I was away from these bastards for last 3-4 years but recently for my office, I needed unlimited usage plan so I made a mistake to call these guys.

To my surprise the lady on the phone was kind of ok. (Earlier they used to be worse than the government department). After some discussions, I asked the lady to get net connection for my office. Within a day the guys installed the net at my office. But the bad phase starts now.

I connected their cable to my router so that I can distribute the net to all the machines. Woha!! It did not work. Cross checked the settings twice, thrice.. nothing worked. I called their (so called) customer support. The lady over the phone said, “hum router mein set karne mein help nahi karte” (We don’t help in setting up the net on router), I asked them to give the phone to their technical guy so that I can explain the issue and we can set the things up. But instead of helping me, she simply said, call your computer engineer. I was like computer engineer? the hardware guy? what for? she replied, to set the net on router, he must be knowing it coz we don’t know it.

I kept the phone and gave one more try but nothing worked. This made me sure that they must have done thing which does not allow the net to connect directly through the router. I called them up again and spoke to some gujju bhai named Ashok Somaiya.

The guy rudely replied saying we do not allow connection direct to the router. I asked him, so how do I run the net in my office? He said, I don’t know that we don’t entertain people who wish to run it on the router. I was like “*$*#$ you dude” take my connection off. (Obviously I did not use the F word on the phone)

The connection was taken off within few hours.

So now, I tried to look for other options. TATA Indicom Broadband, great schemes, great prices. Let’s apply!! So that’s what I did. The guy came to collect the cheque within a week and promised me about the installation within 2 days.

After 3-4 days, their installation guys land up at my office saying, the Globcast guy is demanding Rs. 300 to allow the installation work. I was like, what the hell I have to do with the Globcast now? I have paid installation charges and security deposit to you guys not to Globcast.

I talked to Ashok Somaiya of Globcast again, he started his bullshit in his typical bhai log accent saying, whatever ISP you take, you will have to come to us first. I asked him, ok what is Rs.300 for, he said, not Rs. 300, it is Rs. 499. I was like eh? He said, you took connection from us, so we created ID for you so it was our expense of Rs. 499 to create the ID for you. I said, I hardly used it for 2 hours, he was like – so what, we created it so we already money spent on it.

I was like, WTF this guy is saying.. I did not say much and called up Tata’s customer support directly and lodged the complaint. Within 2 days (after reminding them couple of times) the guy from Tata called me up and said at any cost your connection will be done in a day.

I was relived at that time and was like, finally the bad guy lost. But this was not all. No one came for my installation, I lodged the complaint again, I got the call today again saying they won’t be able to install the net unless I pay them Rs. 500.

So in short, they have decided to refund the money to me. I really wish we had proper laws to screw these kind of guys. And 2ndly I never expected companies like Tata to rely on cheats like this one.


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  2. Now this was really some pathetic service from Globcast .. And whatever happened later seems right out of a Bollywood movie .. “Hafta do warna kuch kaam nahi hoga” .. When cable connections were new in our city, the cablewallahs used to fight eachother like this .. If you have to take cable connection, you’ll have to pay money to MSO or the chhota cablewallah in your locality wont give you connection .. Sucks man ..

    What about Reliance ..? or You ..? You as in YouTele .. 😀

  3. The same guy is dealer for reliance too… only MTNL, Airtel and Hathway he does not have. Hathway is not good as far as I know, MTNL is very good but costly, Airtel is too good but they are not in my office area.

    I will get my triband plan upgraded to 2 GB one… I think that’s the best bet for now.

  4. Around here BSNL works fine has good plans and stuff also it seems Airtel is also doing good here compared to other places.

    Never go for these private guys they suck for sure and if MTNL Tarrif is high then that is also a problem and no one can wait for their tarrif to get low. Anyways I guess upgrading to 2GB idea is good.

  5. I got this freaking TATA Indicom connection for Rs. 5000 for 6 months and they freakin ripped me off. Most of the time when I tried while I was in India, their server was dead and when you call and make complaint and they say ” Sir Kaam chalu hai server par” and they used to lodge the complaint and none of their reps reverted back except for one time when one dumb tech guy came and I had to teach him what to do to ping their server. Please keep away from TATA Indicom, they are big time scam people.

  6. Tata Indicom, hmmph……..tell me

    The suckers are providing the wi-fi connection in our college and even after getting a hefty amount for a fat pipe, they have installed some kinda bandwidth limiter, which makes the connection speed run way below its actual capacity.

  7. Meh…

    Never ever even consider going for TATA. Ask Subbu. Even if we leave aside the pre-connection hassles for a moment, the service later on is no different either. Its like an “Sometimes ON, mostly OFF” broadband connection.

    Now I understood why they did not service my area. My local cable guy just has SIFY, Hathway and Pace(virus)net !

  8. Have applied for Tata’s ADSL connection which is supposed to be good. We were using it when I used to work for a company.

    No installation charges, no deposits nothing and yea no middleman too. It will be like MTNL Triband but bit cheaper. Let’s see how it goes.

  9. I know what you’re talking about. The guys at Globcast are bloody goondas…I’ve had to deal with Ashok before and it didnt go very well…

  10. Ashish Chaudhary 03-Jun-2007 at 11:42 pm

    well, I am a bit lucky in this “mamla”.
    I stay at Kalwa and have a 256/10GB connection through local cable guy. The main office and the field engineers are from Intech solutions, Kopri, thane (e).
    When I called thane office for the connection a year and half ago, they were very anxious to have new customers in my area. In few days I came to know that they r very new in here and most engineers are freshers. Even now they just know networking stuff (as they say that they do) but nothing of windows and other PC hardware stuff. So i started helping them.
    Later I started my own DC++ hub and Counter_strike sessions, which Intech lacks, and due to which they got many young customers.
    So now I do hold a good reputaion and can get my problem solved in a day or two.

    BTW ISP is EXATT, and quite goo too.

  11. Well

    I was a customer of globcast for more than a year, but i was frustrated with the service of Globcast, the behaviour of them over the phone…finally i removed the connection. It better to be without net at home…and be away from globcast.. Now i use the airtel…its pretty ok.. much much better that Globcast bastards…..


  12. Hey Everyone,
    Here’s a request to all the broadband users who are looking for a new connection. Please Please Please DO NOT go for Tata Indicom Broadband.

    This is the worst service that anyone can ever have. MTNL could be better but not Tata.
    My experience of having this connection is so pathetic that I am now tired of yelling at the customer service.
    O by the way, you have to wait for atleast 10 minutes before you can talk to a customer service agent. Cos the expected wait time is always beyond 10 minutes and they will always ask you to call later.
    But if you have patience and also luck to get through, you might talk to an agent who can do nothing but generate a customer complaint number for you.
    God know what am I supposed to do with that number.

    And after calling them continuously for 15 days, when you loose your patience, that agent literally puts you on mute while you are talking.
    So the point is ..theres no point calling them.

    Mine is a prepaid connection. So factually speaking , I have wasted Rs.4200/-, coz they take 6 months payment in advance which cannot be refunded; Even when they dont give you service.

    So after being tired of calling them again and again and again, finally I had no choice but track down the cable myself.
    I actually went behind the cable which came to my house, and went over the roof top, and then again came down the building.
    So after all this stunt I found that the cable is broken at the pole next to my building.

    Cool!!! now as I was happy to find the problem, and was assuming that since I have told them the problem, they might be able to correct it asap.

    But no…I completely forgot that it was bloody TATA INDICOM.
    Now its been 5 days that I am calling them everyday and telling that the cable is broken and please send someone to repair it.
    They have a a really beautiful answer framed for me ..”Maam, our Engineers are working on it.”
    When I ask them how much time it will take, they would again beautifully say, “I cannot committ about that maam, but I assure it will happen soon”…
    So all I can do now, is assume that my money is wasted.

    I have now activated Mobile office on my Airtel Cell phone, and use my cell for Internet connection.
    The speed is like a normal Dialup connection which I can live with for now.
    O well, something is better than nothing.
    So that was my Tata Indicom experience…

    O and did I tell you that I am an exemployee of Tata Indicom and I worked in the Mobile division for 2 years.
    So if Tata can offer such service to its own employees, then you can imagine what you will go through.
    So my friends…Please take my advice…

  13. I completely agree with Deepali has been saying. Tata Indicom has been really superjerks for me since day one. (i had their connection goin only for 5 days) good that i’d paid all the money by cheque and did the stop payment within 2 days so buggers cudn’t get a single rupee off me. Luckily the place where i live (dombivli) is not infested with B* ppl as Globcast and Ashok “bhai” Somayya but we have several B* aliases like fortune net etc with supersucker “tech” team who blames mother nature in mansoons and ur own system for non-functional internet for rest of the seasons.

    someday this all will b good. and we will b able to surf.. these buggers will pay for it. someday, someday!

  14. This guy is real fraud
    He does not even deliver half the speed promised and charges double

  15. Try hathway but it’s hard to close the connection as the coustomer service is disguisting

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