Shootout at Lokhandwala Movie Review

I love reality based movies. This one is about shootout happened in 1991 at Lokhandwala area in Andheri. (Shootout related info here)

5 dreaded gangsters:

Maya Dolas – Vivek Oberoi
Dilip Buwa – Tusshar Kapoor
Fattu – Rohit Roy
RC – Shabbir Ahluwalia
Doubling – Aditya Lakhia

one building – Swati Building, Lokhandwala, Andheri

more than 200 policemen lead by 3 officers:

ACP A Khan – Sanjay Dutt
Kaviraj Patil – Sunil Shetty
Javed Shaikh – Arbaaz Khan

and more than 1500 rounds of fire.

The movie showed how ATS (Anti Terriroist Squad) succeeded in killing 5 gangsters hidden in one of the buildings in Lokhandwala. More info on the storyline can be found here.

Let’s discuss more about the movie. Time to discuss good(s) and bad(s) about the movie.

Good: Vivek Oberoi, he is mostly good at gangster kind of roles, we can say, it is his speciality. This time too, he was excellent. The surprise package in this movie was Tusshar Kapoor. I never expected him to do anything other than lover boy or college going teenager. But this one was brave, short tempered killer and he was very good at it. But the real star was Sanjay Dutt, just superb. Direction – specially in the 2nd half. Everything was taken care of so well that, it won’t leave you for a second in the 2nd half. Lastly the song, Ganpat.. excellent song. This is the only song I liked in the movie.

Ok Ok: Suniel Shetty was in his usual performance, stylish inspector, nothing great. Arbaaz Khan, he was good but nothing which can make me clap my hands. Amrita Singh, to be frank, she looked very young for the performance of Maya Dolas’s mother but still she was ok ok, not bad or wasted. Rohit Roy and Shabbir Ahluwalia, they did not get much chance to act but again, not wasted.

Bad / Wasted: The Bachchans, Abhishek and Amitabh Bachchan. Both were wasted and did have much to do. Abhishek was some police inspector and dies in the start of the movie only. Amitabh is featured as the lawyer but his role was very limited. Aditya Lakhia, I don’t know why he was in the movie at the first place. I am not sure if he had any dialogues or not. (He was one of the gang members.) Music, the first 2 songs were pathetic. Editor should have cut these songs.

Me Me?: Haha, no I was not about me in the movie but this section is about the stars which were in the movie but we did not feel the presence of them. Our local bombshell, Rakhi Sawant was in the movie as an actress haha.. she had role of, say… 2 minutes? Yea, not more than that. Again, editor’s bad job here, it was not needed. Diya Mirza, what was waste!!! She should lookout for lead actress roles or even side roles are ok but this role? This was nothing but it will simply go un-noticed. Aarti Chhabria, ah, she was looking gorgeous but the beauty did not help me to notice her perfomance. Seen mostly in dance perfomance but not wasted. Aftab Ahmed Khan, the real ACP A Khan (Played by Sanjay Dutt) he was in the movie as police commissioner S Ramamurthy.

Cut the crap please!!!: Well, I would rate this movie 3.5 / 5. Very good movie and it is definitely a must watch. It should do fair business at the box office.


  1. Vivek Oberoi is back.Instead of shootout at lokandwala it should be Vivek Oberoi he own’s the movie.Fantastic….

  2. Yeah Vivek Oberoi was rocking in the film.. loved his performance… but the movie is short.. only about 2 hours i guess…

  3. he deep with time… you start sounding like real critic by saying.. some chopping will do, or stuff like. But great work. I like the style and certainly wait for DVD to come out.

  4. haha thanks to be frank my knowledge in technical stuff about movies is very limited so I speak more like a movie buff who had gone to watch the movie and felt some points about the movie could have been improved etc…

  5. Just watched the movie. Let me say that it is not a great movie at all. Yes it is a above average movie but not even good one. As per acting agree with you, star of the movie is Sunju baba. Vivek is ok but you can’t rate him good. On certain places he is all over the places. I would rate it 3/5.

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