Brighter side of the darkness

Brighter side of the darkness – The life will be full of joy and happiness, when a person learns to find brighter side of the darkness. This post is dedicated to a very dear friend who does not realize how good she is. I am no where trying to show sympathy but I am just trying my best to make her realize that the life is not that bad.

There is always a brighter side at the end of the darkness and we will never be able to find if we keep ourselves in the darkness without even trying to move. I know, it hurts a lot when someone leaves on the halfway but instead of keeping ourselves in the past, we should look forward to the bright future which is ahead. The past was mere few years but why to waste whole life because of those few years?

I know that making rounds of those temples did not help, I know the fasts did not help but God is not there in those temples. God is nothing but inner you. God did not let that relationship work because God knew the future and certainly did not want you to be in the pain for the whole life. That person left you because he was not the right person for you and it was his bad luck that he did not get you, not yours.

The life is so beautiful and full of joy. I am not asking you to forget the past, don’t even forget a single moment of it but also learn to look at the present which is welcoming you with open arms. Embrace the present with a smile and joy. And once you learn to do it, the past won’t make those tears come out.

This one is for everyone, learn to live life with joy, I know we face lot of difficulties in the life but we should learn how to overcome them. If you have lost something in the life, do not waste time thinking why did you lose it but spend time in thinking how can you be better so that you don’t make that kind of loss again.

When you lose something, it simply means that there is something better in the basket which is waiting for you. Just pass the test of life and you will never regret.


  1. Deep,
    Thanks for this wonderful post as I am also currently in the same state as your dear friend. Your post was indeed very soothing for me.

  2. Actually people in such condition.. will never realize what they are doing to thm selves.. they will understand such things only when it will be too late .. i mean after 3 to 4 years they will realize that people for whom they are being sad and crying and spoiling thr time are not actually worth it …

    guys in this situation .. please wake up and look out side in the world.. people has 1000 more and bigger problems thn you have …. still they are smiling and moving on in thr life ….

  3. your every blog is just fantastic i daily read your blogs i appreciate your style, keep it up

  4. What you said, Deep, made complete sense. One should not dwell too long in the past that the present slips away. What is gone is history. Let that not cloud over the current day or the future. One must learn to take control over oneself and live life today. If things didn’t work out, they were probably not meant to be that way. Eventually, something much better will come up. It’s just a matter of time and patience. Visiting temples and other places of worship is good but that will keep one’s mind cool and give courage. But it is upto him/her to gather that courage and move ahead into the sunshine.

    Enough of gyaan, well written post. May the sun always shine on you and Megs.

  5. I don’t know whether that friend will come and read this post. I hope she does. I will say the same old thing once again. Time is the best healer. And also the best teacher!

    I have been through an emotional failure in my life. I know how bad it feels when you don’t get what seems like the most important thing in the life. But even at the cost of giving another lecture, let me try to put forth my views.

    I remember those days really well. And I really don’t want to ever forget them because during those days I learnt most about life! That grief made me think really hard about myself, my life and my family. Fortunately, I matured as a person mainly because of that sorrow.

    When things are not going your way, you feel that your life has lost it’s meaning, you don’t like to eat, sleep. You think you will never marry again and may even think of giving up life. But as you know, all these thoughts are simply silly! I picked up a few beautiful hobbies during those days. I never knew I had that art within me. A stone gets hit by a nail a few thousand times before it becomes a beautiful sculptor. Is God hitting you a few times to make you better?

    Whether you agree or not, this is a passing phase. Today when I look back, I clearly see how stupid I was during those days. I thank God from the true depth of my heart for not giving me what I wanted! I can clearly see that the other person didn’t deserve me. 😉 I am well and truly happy with what I have got now – my wife and my twin daughters make up my happy family. If I would have kept mulling over those negative thoughts, I would have never got so much happiness that I deserved!. I am sure, same will happen to you too!

    I had read somewhere that you can’t make all the mistakes by yourself. You have to learn from other’s mistakes too! Look around to see if you can find out someone who made the mistake of not moving on. Look at their condition and decide whether that is what you want to be in life. You are in the middle of a storm. You can’t see which way will save you. The rest of us are on a light-house and can clearly see the way out. So many people can’t be wrong!! Isn’t it?

    Just one more exampple before I stop making this comment larger than the post itself. What happens to stagnant water? And what happens to a flowing stream? Stagnant water get dirtier day by day. Don’t stagnate in life. Move on, start flowing. 🙂

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