Why? Because some people have written bad things about Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackrey.

So what now? Shiv Sainiks ransacked some cyber cafes in Kalyan (near Thane) for allowing access and they have asked the government to ban the

Ok, so? – The government is in favor of banning Orkut and even Maharashtra police is supporting them. I think The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team in New Delhi did not allow Orkut ban. (Thank God they were smart enough to understand this stupidity)

So what next? Shiv Sena will continue trying their best to ban Orkut and their next target may be Google because it shows the results when we search for Bal Thackrey + (Any bad word) haha

Or I should say, let’s ban Internet only.

My great Maharashtra, my great India and my great ruling party. Way to go, Mumbai will become Shanghai soon and India will become US haha

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Update: Shivsena learns how to get the community blocked from Orkut just by clicking on Report Abuse link on Orkut.

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  1. Yes. lets just ban the Internet… raze down all the buildings in mindspace and powai that use the internet… awesome… just effing go to every house and break every computer that is connected to the internet. Why ? COZ IT CAN EFFING ACCESS ORKUT.

    You morons.. go eat your own zhit !

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  3. Atleast now it must be clear to our countrymen that what such elements in our society want.To them the good name of their so called leader is far more important than progress and development of our motherland..

  4. Hi viewrs

    i am shaju from kerala, have been subscribing orkut for 4 years, never i have found a wrong or anyother unethical or illogical factors with orkut instead i found it ( orkut) contributes building healthy relation and friendship between poor and rich, minors and adult, so on…., as well as imparting knowledge of science and tech….to the people around the world, in this basis i will suggest to those who go to orkut to support to those who supports orkut


  5. hi viewrs and friends
    this is from shaju once again, i have never thought of leaving suggession to this box.but agitation,against ban in india, gets boil in my mind, in other word really its a political game and gains for shivsena by soothing minds of purticular community. but i personally strongly oppose this movement,at the same time, like to mention here that this step is not going to be meterialised in anymeans, couse millions are there to support all over in india, they know what it( orkut) is really stands for,so request you all to convey the same sugession to those who goes to orkut

    thaks n regards

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