Looking for PHP Programmer in Mumbai

Guys, I have been hunting for a good PHP programmer based in Mumbai for quite sometime. Trust me, finding good people is really really difficult job. We called up around 40 people for the interview and around 10 – 12 have agreed. I have no idea how many of them will actually come.

OK!! Back to the point. I am looking for full time PHP Programmer for my company, Web1. This is what I am looking for in a person:

  1. Good knowledge of the stuff is pretty obvious thing but the more important is, willingness to learn new things, willingness to play around with the things like different frameworks, AJAX and stuff.
  2. Person should be more interested in the work rather than checking how big is my company. Well, it is a small company but hell with it, there is lot of work to keep you busy.

What a person will get in return:

  1. Super friendly work environment
  2. Flexible work hours
  3. Superb espresso coffee from our new coffee maker.. Seriously, it is just too good.
  4. Periodical salary increments
  5. And a paycheck on first of every month haha

In short, we will try our best to keep you happy haha

So what you will get?

Cheque of Rs. 2500 is waiting for you. Obviously
if we hire your referred person.

Where to apply for?

Send in your resume to jobs at web1 d0t in


  1. This is the first time I have seen your studio’s website and I just love it! The design is really clean and I like the color scheme. Nice work! 🙂

  2. Hi Deep,

    Its just a con-incident I guess, as I am leaving for Bangalore to make a career with PHP and probably LAMP, I saw you also require PHP programmers.

    I can’t apply for the position as I don’t know PHP, but If I were eligible, I would not mind the size of a company.

    Btw can you put some light, how can i be a PHP+MySQL Programmer? I mean learning on my own is definitely good and i also like it though it takes a bit extra time, but would joining some good institute @Bangalore help?

  3. Learning PHP is pretty easy, you just need to know base of C or C++ or any programming langauge but the core is – logic should be clear. In the end it just just a code but in different langauge, the answer is always going to same in all the languages.

    Have you worked on any programming language earlier? Just email me at deep at web1 d0t in

    May be we can take this thing forward there..

  4. Hi Deep,
    I am a php programmer in a company for quite a long time. If you need part time work then you can contact me
    through mail.BTW you have nice blog.

  5. Hi! Deep…
    Could you recommend a nice Php handbook for interviews…….as i am a Delhi based php lancer looking
    for a job
    Also what qualities do you(a General interviewer) look for in a Candidate?

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