1. Ah, that window shot looked familiar. You took it from the same angle before too, for some political riot or something I guess? I don’t know which post it was 😛

    Thats a lot of water indeed but I hope it doesn’t go as bad as the last time, with trains closing and all. Here in Chennai we’re getting moderate rains, but the clouds mostly just tease us and drift away, only to suddenly tear apart in the most unsuspecting manner.

  2. megha aavi varsaad laavi 😛

    here the rain is like “Gone in 60 seconds” ,how bad is that like possibility like in photo by deep -may deep’s whole apartment get wet but chance of that opposite side apartment will be as dry like empty bottle ,sigh.

  3. Harsh – that’s taken from my home 🙂

    Rahul – Megha aavta pehlaj vardsaad aavi gau.. badha plans cancel karwa padya haha

  4. Aaaarghh !!

    It was a mess here.. Too bad I couldn’t get my camera out 🙁

    The electricity was cut-off because the water entered the meter box 😐 To add some masala, there was a 4-hour quarrel between two wings each blaming each other for water logging.

    Yes YEs !!

  5. Gaurish A.k.a Gary4gar 01-Jul-2007 at 1:00 am

    Good to see!
    Atleast your Mtnl is working fine
    Hope is does’nt become like Tata sky dabbha:P

  6. here in chennai things are similar but not as bad as 26/7
    Its raining froma long time and people ae saying in last 9 years this is the coolest summer in chennai.But its really very very nice and I m very much enjoying it.
    Moving to beach while its raining is really awsome experience.Being there alone and enjoying rain is just….

    My baddest experience was when i went for watching movie oceans 13 i was on a highway rain started me completly wet when i reached sathyam(PVR here) and I watched whole movie sitting complete wet in AC with my friends but most cutest part was one girl sitting besides me.
    She was stearing at me like i m not a human and 7 times i told her “Movie is running that side” and my friends were laughing at me.

    oops i forgot its deeps site not mine

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