Congrats, Himesh is gonna stop singing…

Feeling good? Relived from those oooo sounds? Great going.. now time for some bad news..

He is gonna reduce his singing because he is gonna concentrate on ACTING!!!! Why? Because his movie Aap Ka Surroor is on the way to become a HIT. Damn, the movie was pathetic..

Article on Rediff says:

“I have got a lot of offers from different producers and I am considering this (acting) option at this stage,” Himesh said.

Asked whether it means goodbye to singing and music composition, he answered, “It is not a total goodbye. I am going to reduce my singing and music composition assignments. I will concentrate on acting now.”

So, are you ready for the Aap Ka Surroor Part 2? haha


  1. I want Himessss bhai win all awards including Oscar.

    Pepsi’s yahoo zone ad must change their model with Himesss – with new slogan – wht top klas -my muzic -my akting -meri film hit hai 😛

  2. Himesh sux all right… and i agree with Preshit.. and moreover they cant play his crappy music at all the mandals over the city.

  3. hi himesh! plz continue singing. you r the number one in my chart. your concert in mtius was mind blowing.
    I enjoyed a lot. My niece tvi 3yrs old in london big fan of you.

    PLZ don’t stop singing! may god always bless you in whatever career you want to do.
    tk care!

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