Masoom (Old) Movie Review

I seriously have no words to praise this movie. Just superb !! I really don’t know why our new generation movies does not have this kind of magic. I mean, when you watch these old movies, you feel them, you feel each and every character, you feel the pain, you feel the joy.. but in new movies, it has become rarity.

I will let handle storytelling

DK (Shah) and Indu (Azmi) Malhotra and have a perfect life. They love each other, their work and their children. They have great friends and are much in demand socially. This comes to a dramatic halt when DK receives a telegram from an old school-master who tells him that the woman he had a brief affair with nine years ago has just died leaving their son, Rahul (Jugal Hansraj) in his care. Indu is, needless to say, less than happy about the idea. The family struggles to deal with the situation and its implications.

The most amazing part of the movie is, the expression of the characters. You can feel the pain just by looking into eyes of Rahul. The expression says it all, no words needed. One of the very touching scene would be when  Rahul hurts his hand and runs around in the house shouting for his Mom (who is actually no more), he stops near Indu and realizes that his mother is no more. Indu looks at him in anger and shouts, I am not your Mummy. Weeping Rahul silently hides his hand. Just superb, very touching scene. There are many other touching scenes in the movie where you ask yourself, what is the fault of the child?

Acting by Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi is just A Grade. Hats off. Jugal Hansraj shines as Rahul. DK and Indu’s daughters were impressive, specially the younger one.

The music by RD Burman is of top class. Everything was just perfect, be it direction (Shekhar Kapur) Dialogues (Gulzar), Music or Acting.

I know I am praising this movie so much but it is certainly worth all the praise. Certainly a must watch.

I would rate it [rating:5] No scope of giving anything less than 5.

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  1. Yeh its really a heart touching movie.

    Actually I feel in old times they made movie direct dil se(from heart) but now its all professionalizm no heart here.

  2. Actually the problem with new guys is, they give more importance to how the things will look not how much strong is their base…and that is where they lack..

  3. ya dude its really a touching movie…very good story…music is simply superb…i bought the vcd and watch it again and again..its so good…and my fav song is ..tujhse naraj nahi zindagi…and mini is so cute…all in all..beautiful movie ..a must see

  4. Yes indeed it is a very good movie. A touching and sensitive story with some very good acting for almost all the cast.

  5. This is one movie that brings tears to me since I was 10 and even when I am 33 today. There is an innocence about everything in this movie. I somehow feel like Rahul, then as DK at times. In the world of make belief, this movie brings human emotions in the most natural way. DK’s struggle in accepting his son, Rahul’s yearning to have the same mother’s love as the two outstanding.
    RD Burman’s music gave soul to the music. Every song is well situated and is an integral part of the story. Tujhse naraaz and do naina are one of the best slow songs ever.

    For me Masoom is the top 3 India movies ever made.


  6. Its an incredible movie.. I think the next one to strike similar cords would be taare zamein per (excuse me for the misspelling). They both touch a place within the heart that is full of innocence, desperate of acceptance, and a honesty that is engraved within all of us. I had a quick question: does anyone know who Mini is? I know that the older one is Urmilla.. but who is the younger one?

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