India in the hands of…

Pratibha Patil is India’s 13th President

Link between Sonia Gandhi and Pratibha Patil?

Controversies surrounding Pratibha Patil

Nomination of Pratibha Patil for Presidential Elections

Arjun Singh and Reservation

Manmohan Singh – India’s Prime Minister

Sonia Gandhi turns down PM post

Corruption, quotas and a puppet show..

Jai Hind!!!


  1. Sounds pretty painful to know how the dirty politics is making its way to the highest prestigious position in the country.

    In my opinion, Pratibha certainly does not qualify to be India’s 1st women President.What a joke!

    Sonia should have tried to fetch this post for her in the beginning and then later turn it to someone else so that she could pose like a Goddess without any attachment of any position and true desh bhaktin who wants to serve Mother India.

    PS: Sorry to all the Congress bhakts that I have hurt your sentiments… but hey India is free country and I have my right to voice my opinion in India as well as on Deep’s blog. isn’t it Deep?

  2. Yes sir you are right 🙂 Everyone is free to express their opinions..

    Stress on last words of my last sentence…

  3. Trust me this country is going to dogs now!! Dr. Kalam was just so perfect for the post. He has set the standards so high. I don’t think Pratibha Patil would even come close to it.

    She had been made a president just for the heck of having a woman as president. WTF??? Who the F**K needs a woman president! A president is the chief of all armed forces. Dr Kalam has bought missile revolution in this country. We no longer buy missiles from foreign countries. This man is educated, humble, intelligent and clean from any charges of any sort and look what we got now!!
    Just Look at the face of the chief of all Armed Forces
    lol.. what a dumb face!! Do you think she can handle an emergency ? A woman should never be made president, atleast chief of Armed Forces for that matter!!

    Accept it reject it!! Armed Forces is a GUY!!! thing. Most of the women in the armed forces are either doctor, or in non combat operations. I do agree there are few ladies pilots. Women in armed forces are directly made officers. They do not do any field work.

    GOD save this country!!!
    I am so dead

  4. Haha, now the President of a supposedly progressive country makes statements about how the atma of a cult babaji visited her or seeing ghosts in Rashtrapati Bhawan.

    It would be great to see her hammering another Head of State with a broom to drive out evil spirits.

    PS: No offence to the Indian concept of soul or atma. Its only those who make a sham out of it.

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