Tata Sky, Hutch Network, BMC and Heavy Rains

Yes Yes, I know too many things in the title. Basically I want to cover all these shitty things in one post haha..

Let’s start with Tata Sky – I got Tata Sky connections at my home, the clarity is superb, sound is superb.. infact everything is superb except the fact that, it can’t work in heavy rains. Once it starts raining heavily, the signal on the box goes off. Stupid call center engineers at Tata Sky are just useless. They just reply saying, we know there is a problem and our engineers are fixing it. When I asked them, when it will be fixed, their answer is, sir, we can’t tell you that. But I know the answer, it will be fixed once the rainy season is over haha Bunch of fools try to run the business.

Hutch Network – Apart from looting the customers, hutch seem to be pretty good. Their mobile network is pretty good but when it starts raining, the network starts causing the problem. You can’t call anyone, if you want to SMS someone, you have to try more than 3-4 times. Many times, it catches frequency of some tower which is pretty far away from your place and then, you have to stick to one place, in one single position, if you wish to call. Once you move, you are gone. The voice starts cracking and phone might gets disconnected.

BMC – haha, this has become a really funny thing. Every year they claim that they are doing something but nothing happens. Government gives them huge sum of money, they use that money for their personal purpose. For public, only fraction of the amount is used. And this results into, a BIG MESS. Water till knee height on the streets, traffic jams, roads full of potholes. According to BMC, there are only 25 potholes left to be fixed. But for some reason I just counted 100 potholes on street joining my apartment. Infact, there is no road remaining, it is full of potholes.

I really don’t understand this logic, these sarkari babus, they know that, their homes are running with the money that people pay in the form of taxes but they don’t want to give anything in return. All bloody bastards.

Aaah, I guess, I should stop cursing the government. It’s not gonna of any use.

So, the point is, be it Tata Sky or Hutch, they charge us a bomb, we pay them whatever amount they ask but in return, they can’t provide a proper service. I can understand if things stop working once, twice, thrice but here, it just doesn’t work always. (at the time of heavy rains ofcourse)

Oh god, we need a revolution. 


  1. Well Deep,

    Its not _just_ TataSky, even DishTV or DD’s DTH goes down during heavy rains. Its prolly the technology that they use.

    Hutch, well, I’m a Airtel Customer, so no comments πŸ˜› Happy with the Demo card I have πŸ˜‰

    BMC: Oh well…

  2. no problem like that with hutch in calcutta…they are the best here!
    but water logging seems to be a problem everywhere these days…@#$%&^^^^!!!

  3. Hutch network is pathetic in mumbai though they provide acceptable service in Chennai. After these rains one thing I have decided is to switch to Airtel.

  4. generally dealer tells it won’t work in rains about DTH.

    I don’t go high speed on bike dunno which “khadda intezaar mai ho mere liye ” πŸ˜›

  5. hey deep, try emailing tata sky. i had the same problem and i wrote a polite but scathing complaint. didnt believe it when an engineer landed up the very next morning and fixed everything!! working much better now. and i found that complaining online helps. for some reason. guess people realise they are not talking to fools – it is someone with computer access and comp knowledge, also it is a permanent record.

    however bmc being bmc complaining online or off makes no difference. i get a lot of humourous inputs for my articles from their “kartoot”s….keeps me going.

  6. hehe, complaints all around. I too faced problems recently with Hutch when I lost my SIM card. Though the fault lies more with DoT, IMO then with Hutch.
    But, in the end it’s we the customers who suffer.

  7. I told them the same on phone, and the engineer also called me, now I am waiting for the maharajas to land at my place haha

  8. I agree to what preshit says I recently got a Dish connections and I have observed the same problem that during rains set top box looses signals and we have to wait till rains are over then we have to restart the set top box to get it to work again which is really annoying and I regret purchasing the same, rest about clarity about video and audio is superb otherwise but that particular problem is a pain in the ass and drowns the money that we have spent on a high end equipment to stay connected to television 24*7………

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