Sanjay Dutt Sentenced 6 year Jail…

I was expecting probation kind of thing for him but he was sentenced 6 year jail. I think 6 year jail is bit too much for him as he was already given jail term for 2.5 1.5 years and court should also see his current track record. I know that he has committed the crime but he has learnt his lesson and now he is on good path.

The report can be viewed here

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  1. I think the verdict is good. He knew very well what was happening and the consequences of the same. The fact that Dawood gang members went to his house and delivered the consignment of guns and hand grenades speaks for itself.

    Probation is given to a person who has had no prior criminial record and is of good standing in society.
    Sanjay was obviously at his best behaviour since the trial was still on. That was the only few things that the defence team had to fight the public prosecutor…

  2. Gaurish A.k.a Gary4gar 01-Aug-2007 at 12:32 am

    actually he has got only 4.8yrs of jail by doing simple maths:P

    but he will go to supreme court and his bail petition will take around 3-4 months to process after that he is likely to get a bail till the final verdict is given by the court.

    But the final virdict will take around 2yrs more so he is set for an other two years.
    This will only happen when all things work by his side, otherwise he is screwed

  3. His new movie is coming.. Munna chale Central Jail lol.. well getting back to topic

    1) He had links with underworld.
    2) He had illegal weapons.
    3) He was a drug addict.

    to say it straight and simple.. he was a bad guy.. so he is getting his punishment for what he did then! 6 years will go pretty soon.
    Movies are different than real life.. in movies he might be an innocent munna bhai.. but in real life he has played khalnayak!! so he deserves it..

    As for his movie career ofcourse I like him..

  4. Neo – Oh yea, you are right, I have corrected it.

    Praveen – Thanks, one of my friends also told me the same but I could not find it on their website.

    Sameer, Riyaz, Jeba – It might would have been right to give him 6 years jail, IF it was given in the same year or say 2-3 years after the incident… but now it is 14 years gap, in that period the person has changed and he has not done anything anti-social or something which will get him into the police records, in short, the behavior of the person is good.

    And the 2nd important thing, he did not harm anyone using the supplied guns nor he re-supplied the guns to any criminals.

    I know, getting the guns without the license itself is a very big crime and on the top of it, he took it from the terrorists. But before giving him the jail sentence, I feel, they should also consider the behavior of the person during that period. This is like, when the person is totally changed, helping guys and now the law is coming back in his life and giving 6 year sentence for the mistake he did 14 years…

    I still feel 6 years is too harsh.

  5. Yes I agree the judgment too so long.. but the maximum punishment to his crime could have been 10 years.. it is just 6, so he should be happy.

    Yeah I agree the person has changed since, but again.. one has to take responsibility for his actions, he was not a minor when he did that..

    I guess a period of 4 years should have been fine.. but judge has given him 6 years.. 2 years free :P.. muft muft.

  6. good he is in jail… the decision is correct….

    if those females who just delivered RDX from one place to another are given 10 yrs of jail.. thn why not him…

  7. hellooooo

    i would like to remind everyone that he is not “Munna Bhai” he is Sanjay Dutt, son of actor-turned politician Sunil Dutt…

    both father and son were equally bad and were big-time goondas with all the essential underworld connections and it was all an open-secret…

    then why show mercy at someone who has easy access to arms as easy as one can get sugar from the grocery store next door???

    I always say that if you are ready to commit a mistake, then be ready to undergo then required punishment…

    Would you say that the 6 years he got was enough if the bullets he shot in the air was instead directed into someone, a living person… he was in an ecstatic mood… almost as good as under drugs…

    just because he is the munna bhai in some movie where he tries to do some good to the society a-la comic-style, does not make him the same in reality… he is in the end Sanjay Dutt, an ordinary person who committed a crime and must be punished… I am feeling bad that he did not get the full 10 years that he could have been “rewarded” with as Jeba has mentioned above!!!

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