Going off to Vadodara on Saturday..

Will be leaving for Vadodara (Baroda) on Saturday. Will be there till Monday around 9 AM. (Flight is at around 930 or so)

Actually, I am going to a place called Vallabh Vidyanagar (Around 40 kms from Vadodara) to attend Orkut Lohana Community meet. Till now I have attended tech related meets and this one is for people from my caste i.e. Lohana (Sub caste of Gujjus). Ofcourse, it is not going to have some typical stuff.

So let’s see how it goes… btw any readers from Baroda? May be we can catch up on Saturday evening or something?


  1. Welcome to Vallabh Vidyanagar. For you it is a new experience, could be very different from tech related meet. The same is the case for me! I do attend/organize the academic events like conferences, seminars. But I am sure in the company of people like you, it will be a smooth sailing.

    Looking forward to see you in action @ Vallabh Vidyanagar.


  2. Yoh if it was around 4 yrs ago we could have met lol. Anyways Vallabh Vidyanagar is a great place to keep a meet, been there once and definitely liked the place.

  3. Rahul – do one thing, email me your cell number on deep13@gmail i will ask megha to check my account give me the number.. i will call.. I cannot access my email account from here as i am on public machine… but pls do it today as I will be leaving from baroda on monday around 10…

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