30 Feet Long Telephone Bill…

… all thanks to MTNL Garuda for that… We have been using MTNL’s Garuda for quite sometime, we are in MTNL to MTNL free scheme but for past couple of months, our bill amount increased enormously. So, we asked them to send itemized bill, so we can track the over usage.

And.. this is what we got… 30 feet long telephone bill….

 30 Feet Long Telephone Bill

The worst part here is, all the pages are high quality colored pages and 90% of the numbers are of 0 paise i.e. MTNL to MTNL calls.

I never knew that these guys will be so stupid to send numbers in color printouts and that too along with free usage numbers…

Height of stupidity and wastage of money…


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  2. haha…talk about paper saving and cost saving…in today’s times these people should make this info available online on internet. will save a lot of trouble.

  3. Reminds me of those AT&T iPhone bill images which come cardboard boxed with each and every detail (Message sent, calls, internet blah blah) and would probably equal the same 30 ft. πŸ˜›

  4. well little similar , I got dividend check of Rs.5 & Rs.9 from Reliance Money this month, just wht waste of paper

  5. Hmm… this thing happened with iPhone bills too. At&T send huge bills for iPhone. ARS Technica reports one of their iPhone bills was 52 pages (double-sided) and another was 34 pages (double-sided).

    Seems that MTNL have the same technology as AT&T for printing the bills. Apple iPrint. πŸ˜€

  6. LoL!! OMG!! At first looking at the pic and title I thought it happened in some part of the world, now I realize it was for you and it HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA!! πŸ˜€

    Government is trying to be TOOOO SMART to waste materials! Think wht will happen if all people of same scheme wanted itemised bill and the Paper Industry’s business would go up πŸ˜€ and increase in price πŸ™‚

    Ha Ha!!


  7. Haha,

    I’m on the same plan Deep. I’ll make sure that I don’t order an itemized bill from next time. πŸ˜› Atleast I’ll do something for the environment. Haha

    But hey, this is not a mistake by MTNL. It must be surely some fat “aaalsi” lady sitting with one big sandwich on one hand and hitting “print all” by the other :p

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