Dreaming big…

I was chatting with Mehul (a friend) and he said, “May your company grow as big as MS”.

But that is not my dream… my dream is to have 10 people, working in my company first and once I reach there, my dream will grow and I will aim for 10 more.. and again my dream will grow…20 more and again xx more.. but I will never dream of becoming MS or Google now because they started with 1 employee first and then they grew over the time..

If we start thinking of making another MS from the very start, nothing is gonna work…be practical and dream real….

So the point of this post is.. don’t dream too big..have smaller goals and then make them big.. if we try to run too fast, we will get tired very soon…

Just my 2 cents of philosophy 😉


  1. when u start dreaming of becoming google or MS lemme know.. ill buy some shares

    btw Deep.. 4 posts today.. great going 🙂

  2. Yeah Deep you’re right. Be practical and realistic. Aim whats within your reach, then after reaching a milestone you take on the next one. Good luck.

  3. Sapne dekho par itne bade bhi mat dekho ke aap khud he sapno ki duniya mein kho jaye..

    In english…

    Have dreams but don’t have so big that you get lost in those dreams…

    I have seen people who talk big and in the end, they endup doing nothing but the ones who talk real, they do the stuff.. it’s is more like, dream less and do more but yes do dream, never stop dreaming because those are the steps to reach the goal 🙂

  4. “Ideas won’t work unless you DO…”

    Don’t dream to be MS but don’t say that your company can’t be another MS.

  5. Dream Big .. But but walk your dream step by step.. and you will be successful 🙂

    P.S = Dare you dream anything without me 😛 .. i m thr in your dreams by default.. weather you want or not… hehehe 😉

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