Hey Baby (Hey Babby) Movie Review

Well, I was expecting some laughter riot from this movie but it left me disappointed. Anyways, let’s quickly get back to the movie.

The story is pretty much straight forward, 3 best friends, staying together, having best time of their lives, flirting with girls all the time and partying..One day, someone rings their doorbell and leaves a baby at the doorstep.  That’s it, they all first try to find who is the father of that baby amongst them and to find that, they look around for the mother.. (from their list of girlfriends) haha.. This whole idea should be enough to create a superb laughter riot but director decided to put in some emotional stuff, which turned movie like any other bollywood flick.

I had mentioned this earlier too and mentioning again, directors should not mix emotions with comedy movies. Comedy movies are meant to be mindless where as emotions need mind and heart. And you really cannot mix up both the things together.

Apart from typical story and bad emotional stuff, the movie has few good things too. Specially, the little child, Angel.. she was super cute.. few comedy scenes and Ritesh Deshmukh. I personally liked him better than Akshay Kumar.

Few more bad things include, Shahrukh Khan and Anupam Kher’s cameo, it was simply pathetic and unnecessary. Songs, leaving the title song and Jaane Bhi De apart, rest were BAD. And lastly, Vidya Balan’s figure, something was seriously wrong with her figure or with the dresses or my eyes. I found her bit plumped up in the bottom part.

I think, direction and screenplay could have improved a lot. Concept was really nice and it could have made much better.

So, overall, I would rate this movie [rating:2/5]. It can be easily skipped. Just watch it on DVD, no need to waste money on theatre tickets.


  1. I quite liked the movie.. The 45 mins in the first half.. and the beginning of the second half was extremely funny..

    Vidya balan looked bad.. Very fat in those western clothes.. she looked great in the red saree though..

    The emotional scenes need to be chopped off.. But i guess it’ll appeal to Women, Children..

  2. And about Akshay.. i really loved him in the second half.. Ritesh was average.. 🙂

  3. bad movie .. my head was aching like anythig ..
    kid is cute…
    everyone’s clothimg is bad…
    vidya balan.. only face looked good..
    rest of the things.. bad bad bad…

    dont go and wast your money..

  4. धन्यवाद हमारे पैसे बचाने के लीये , परन्तु यह अत्यन्त चिंताजनक समाचार है की वीध्या बालनजी ने अपनी कमर का माप बढ़ा लीया है 🙂

  5. I guess the movie has pissed off many critics. Not just because it is a poor mixbag of comedy and melodrama, but because of huge expectations with Sajid Khan’s intelligent humour and the kind of promotion that he is been busy doing for his film.

    Yes it has some corny humour, stupid one-liners that are supposed to make you laugh, a very bad transition between the light and serious scenes, boring and predictable emotional drama and the list of drawbacks could just go on. Sajid has tried to impress all the audiences. But what he has ended up making is a just another typical hindi film that can neither be called a family movie, not a comedy film… guess he was all so confused. As Deep said, the whole idea of the movie was amazing enough and surely what Sajid could have cashed on. Obviously he didnt manage to. Also can someone please tell Fardeen Khan that he cannot act?!!

    But if you remove the expectations factor, I dont think its all that bad a film. The movie does score on some real good music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, superb acting by Akshay Kumar(hez just getting better with every movie)and the chooo chweet baby girl (i wish she had some more scenes :p). It may not be a must watch but certainly worth a watch considering we didnt have any quality comedy films released in the recent past.

    3/5 from me. But a huge scope for improvement. Nevertheless even with not so great reviews floating around, I still think the movie will do a good business. Thanks to Sajid Khan who appears in almost every program on every channel on TV promoting his Heyy Babyy and distributing free music CDs…

  6. Hey Baby is a remake of a 15 year old Malayalam film named “ThoovalSparsham” ,I liked that movie a lot,I havnt watched Hey Baby.Its now a trend for the Bollywood Directors especially Priyadarsan to Remake Old malayalam movies of Mohanlal and others into Hindi

  7. VIVEK KRISHNAN 30-Aug-2007 at 3:12 pm



  8. Such a irritating n horrible movie uff……
    Vidya loose weight…..looking so fatty and irritaing
    Akshay is cool,ritesh is ok
    Fardeen is looking like a joker and his acting is like a school going kid.
    in place of fardeen sajid u could use Tushaar, Aftaab, vivek…….ok
    Next time please set ur mind n make ur film.
    such a pathetic movie

  9. where bowts da world u 4wm, i think the movie was wicked but you teps wudn undastan, its a big hit around the UK it left everyone in the cinema in tears and laughter. sajid khan you have done a great job for your first film, cant wait to watch all your other movies looking forward to wtchn em.

  10. I liked the movie like anything , there is lot of comedy and emotions also . Each and every character in this movie is the best . I dont agree with the people who didnt liked the movie as i think they might be very boring in their personal life



    It surely is not for guys who cant enjoy big things while looking around trivial things.

  12. Worst movie i ever seen in my life
    I think now sajid will realise how difficult to make a gud movie .and how easy to make laugh in laughter show on other’s movie.

  13. The best movie ever. I just love Akshay. I was in hysterics all the way through the movie.

  14. The movie is extremely good.Its awesome.The baby in that is cute than all the rest of the beauty queens in this entire world

  15. The concept was lifted from a 1988 hollywood film called Three Men And A Baby, starring Tom Selleck and 2 other guys.
    And I agree, heyy babyy was trash.

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  17. it’s a verry verry good movie.i like aksay verry verry much.but i love the most shahid a moment i saw shahid movie i would like that i stay with shahid.but i am now 15.i loveeeeeeeeeeee shahid.he is sexy.

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