So, are you doing what YOU wanted to? or…

Check this wonderful piece of post written by my friend, Ashwin. He blogs at The Newspaper Blog, which is not your run-out-of-mill personal blog.

The article speaks about how we tend to choose the career which our parents always wanted and in full filling their wish, we miss out the things which we always wanted to do.

I personally liked this article very much because it relates to lives of many people around me. I totally echo Ashwin’s views.

Great article.. and it is a must read!!!

What are you going do and study after your schooling?

Here’s my take.

Do what you love to do.

My Story
I was in Science group (in school) and did Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), because my parents said so. I didn’t have any interest in ECE (or engineering in general). I was spelling ‘enginnering’ till I was in 3rd year.

I passed with First Class (missed distinction by 2 marks-74.48%) and was ranked 9th in my class. I was jobless (happily ‘unemployed’- earning hundreds of dollars) for one year, post graduation. I learnt a lot in life than in a decade of my education. Two years since my graduation now, I know nothing in Engineering (‘forgot’ what I learnt). I’ve a job (Product Engineer – Mapping & GIS) which is no where related to my degree and requires no knowledge of engineering.

I’m doing fine now, but I want to kick myself for not having a clear goal 7 years back.

Enjoy Life
After all you’re going to live for one time.

Enjoy the 3-4 years of your graduation. Do you really like solving Math problems, drawing [crap], learning about dudes & events that you don’t care, study mug like a parrot, read Literature like it’s nobody’s business? Well, that time won’t come back.

Thinking you’re not going along with the herd? You’re human, not a sheep. Trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. It did for me, Steve Jobs and it will for you.

Earn the degree.
Don’t let it own you.
Do what you like and passionate about, not just because it’s in vogue or others testimonial. You won’t regret it later. Life is too short for regrets.

Screw the degree hype. It’s just a piece of paper. Most of the jobs won’t require the things that you were educated. You might end up doing something different than the subject you were educated. Why waste your time and money doing things what you won’t make you happy.

The bottom line
Think what you want to do with your life and have a clear goal. Then go for your dreams without giving up.

It’s alright to get educated in one area and make a living out of some other area. Choosing a profession which makes you happy and passionate about rather than money, peer/parent pressure is a smart decision.

Do what you like. Screw the rest.


  1. Thats true

    we have one life

    i did my 12th in Non Medical

    my graduation by corrospondence thats B.Sc.

    My post graduation is MCA

    and now this year will do MBA and may be P.Hd πŸ˜›

    not coz i lvoes to give exams coz i have a lot fre time and i wanna make use of that time

  2. Great post dude..
    Especially for us engg students who still have time to learn from your mistakes and get out of the rat race..

  3. Pathik –
    Not only for Engg. students, any person out of the 12th standard should listen to their mind rather than any other factors. The pity and the sad part is, the longer you stay in the rat race, the difficult it becomes to get out.

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  5. I agree with Ashwin, we need to listen to our mind before we decide on the career. Nowadays parents have the tendency to get an engineering seat as they think its the only degree which can earn you a job.

  6. yeh… my cousin .. he does everything tht his father tell him.. never use his own brain… and he is stuck with his studies.. does not even know wht to do and wht not … failed 3 times and now changed the area totally different from wht he failed in … hahaha.. still he takes his fathers openion and takes every damn step… dumb guy….


    one of my friend.. his father opened a factory for him and gave him the business[ full fledged running business ].. and in 3 months he switched it off and did wht he likes… and still is doing wht he likes …and believe me he is really happy with wht he is doing.. πŸ™‚

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