Mumbai – The pothole princess

They aim to make Mumbai shanghai but they do not want to start.. Well, I am talking about our Maharashtra government and BMC.. 

BMC carries work on the roads every year and they always claim that the work is done from their side and things should work pretty fine. BUT every monsoon, the roads become pothole galore.. just look around any road in mumbai and I am sure that, not even a single road will be without the potholes..

The road which joins my building has become more like hell, before the rain it was very smooth and now, it has only potholes.

But this is nothing, the main connecting roads (connecting to highways) are also not spared. If you are frequent visitor of Andheri – Powai, you must be knowing the conditions of the roads there.

It should take approximately 30-45 minutes from Mulund to Andheri SV road bridge but now, it takes more than 2 hours.. and if you are visiting in the morning time, then forget about reaching on time.  The same situation will be there in the evenings. The main reason for this is, potholes on the roads. I managed to click couple of images during the day time. Here are they:

Kanjurmarg - Powai Road (Near Flyover)

Kanjurmarg - Powai Flyover

1st image is of the road which connects Kanjurmarg flyover to Powai. Just look at the size of the potholes and imagine what would be condition of the drivers.

2nd one is of the starting point of the Kanjurmarg flyover. We could not click more images, coz did not get chance but just for the information, the bridge was very recently developed and now it is full of big potholes.

The traffic mainly gets halted by these potholes. The road which used to take approximately 5 – 10 minutes of time, now takes more than 45 minutes due to this. (Hiranandani to Kanjurmag belt)

Now, let’s take a look at the night time..

Seepz - Powai Road - In the Night

Seepz - Powai Road - In the Night

No, I haven’t forgotten to turn on the flash. This is the road between Seepz (Larsen and Tubro Ltd.) to Powai. No streetlights at all. You will never know what is ahead of you. And if there are any rickshaw ahead, forget it… 99% of the rickshaws do not have their lights working.

I just told you the condition about the Powai Andheri road, I am pretty much sure that other main roads will also be in almost same condition.

I sometimes, really wonder why government does not take any action against money eating monsters, BMC..

Corruption!! Sigh!!


  1. I guess, we both are talking about the same area? Powai comes in between Vikhroli – Jogeshwari link road?

  2. i feel, more than corruption its lethargy on BMC’s part… i am sure the road in front of BMC or state assembly will not have potholes, neither the road leading to governor’s bunglow!

  3. Shruti Nautiyal 02-Dec-2007 at 11:09 pm

    Delhi has way better roads man! I’d always heard lot about Bombay before. I agree with Dharmesh, it seems lethargy on BMC’s part.

    Nicely written though.

  4. Please understand that repair of potholes is a major source of income for BMC officials and contractors, most of whom are ex-BMC or their relatives. Do you then expect them to repair potholes on a permanent basis??? No way!!! Since the kickbacks go all the way to the top, the BMC commissioner will continue with statemants like “We MAY cancel contracts” or ” Since the contract amount was only 55 crores, we have imposed a fine of Rs 867/- to teach them a lesson”

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