Indian Idol 3 Winner – Kaun Hoga wo?

Prashant Tamang is the winner. 

It’s spread everywhere that he is the winner. I also feel that he might be the winner as it is the trend of Indian Idol that, better singers always lose. (Remember, last year, Sandeep Acharya?).

So, in short, Amit is the better singer so he did not win. Currently the show is going on, the results are expected within half an hour. BUT the news is confirmed by Times of India

Prashant Tamang, a constable in the West Bengal Police, was on Sunday crowned Indian Idol after vanquishing his rival Amit Paul in a grand finale of the over-two month long talent hunt.

Tamang, 24, who hails from Darjeeling, has undergone a journey from being a member in the police band in Kolkata to becoming the heart throb of millions of TV viewers all over the country.

As Bollywood actor John Abraham announced Tamang the winner, the constable thanked his mother in a voice choked with emotion.

“I thank my mother, public and Bengal police for granting me the permission for participating in the show,” he said.

So in short, few more good singers wasted, and few more crores earned by channel and mobile companies.

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  1. That’s great news if its true. I am surprised though… Even though I always voted for Prashant as the Indian Idol ( I probably would vote for Amit Paul for his singing only… but Prashant touches the heart better and hence he is my idol), I thought people are going to vote him out…

  2. i don’t think Prashant is worth being an indian idol.He is good at certain selected songs only.he is not good at all as compared to Amit Paul.Amit paul is the ideal indian idol

  3. I admit Amit’s the better singer but being an idol isnt just abt great singing. It’s also about being a role model for others and Prashant is a great one coz he’s so humble n down to earth! Besides, Prashant didnt have any formal training to begin with so stop dishing his voice. U have to touch the hearts of people n Prashant has done tat to millions of people with his nature n also attitude!

  4. I don care who d best singer was but i always wanted Prashant to win n so he did..that was the happiest moment in ma life when he was declared as an indian idol..He in real is an idol..

  5. Really prashant’s voice touch the people heart, still i am missing his show.Still in hope of seeing his charming/inocent face in II4. he might give us performance.

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