Indian Idol and Lip Syncing?

Well, how easy is to fool audiences by lip syncing in front of thousands of audiences live? Well, it might be easy but not in front of crores of audiences watching them on TV.

Well, I first noticed Abhijeet Sawant doing the same in his performance today. (Indian Idol 3 final) and now, these girls, that 15 year kid (I don’t remember her name), Pooja.. infact all the girls.. they are just lip syncing.. it’s so clearly visible. And that kid and Pooja lost their lines in between and the song was still going on..

Does Sony think people watching them are fools?

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  1. kid name is Richa,if your remember she opposed to sing with Prashant during Stage round 😛
    other girls even tried to sync but Richa not even care to do that 🙁
    & Puja’s holding her skirt from her one hand so that it don’t go upwards .

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