Movie Review: Laaga Chunari Mein Daag

OK, for a change, let me start with some ranting session. Just returned from the evening show of Laaga Chunari Mein Daag. Before leaving, I had read reviews by Raja Sen (1 star) and Taran Adarsh (1.5 stars). After watching the movie, the first word came in my mind was.. #$#$#$! you both.. I know you are smart enough to understand what I meant.

I just want to say something to these reviewers. Saying it loudly, ATLEAST MAKE AN ATTEMPT TO WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE REVIEWING IT.

I guess, these words are enough to understand the whole thing.

Okay, let’s move on to the story.

The story is pretty much simple and predictable. A small happy family living somewhere in Haridwar. Mom does the stitching job to earn some money, father is a retired person, 2 daughters. Elder one lands in Mumbai to earn some money but becomes call girl because of financial problems.

I know the story is like, I have seen it.. kind of stuff. But here, the presentation of the story plays the vital role. The way things were setup, the way actors handled the movie. That was important.

The way Rani’s character was portrayed was simply brilliant, a strong girl with lots of emotions and hopes within but never allowed her emotions to come out. She gave everything to this cruel world to make her family happy, and she cried all alone. On the other hand, Jaya Bachchan was another stronger character. A mother, who never wanted let any of her daughters in pain but she unknowingly lets her elder daughter get into hell. Kokana Sent was fantastic too, a very young innocent girl but very much stronger, bolder and much more matured person from inside.

To be frank, the movie did not have any heros. The movie totally belonged to these 3 ladies, Kunal Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan were mere sidekicks.

But after praising all these thing, it does not mean that the movie did not have any loopholes. Yes, it had many. The story was pretty simple and predictable, characters of Tinu Anand and Shushant Singh were not used properly. Few of the things also raise an eyebrow. But despite all these things, the movie stands pretty much strongly because of the strong characters.

Direction was good, Cinematography was just superb, amazing. Music was good, title song was nice, Zara Muskurake Chalo was my personal favorite.

On the acting front, Rani, handled the whole movie on her shoulders and in 2nd half, Konkana joined her. Both have superb performances. Jaya Bachchan was pretty impressive too. Kunal Kapoor was good, Abhishek did not have much to do. Anupam Kher had a very small role. (The movie belongs to ladies) Rest of the star cast was good.

So overall, I would rate this movie [rating:3/5] The movie might not be a hit but it is certainly not a 1 star movie. The movie will be loved by Moms and Dads.


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  2. hi deep :

    i chanced upon your website by chance. and i throroughly enjoyed reading some of the recent posts.

    i will add you in my reader and keep checking out stuff you write. i also liked your movie reviews.

    i don’t do serisou movie reviews since i don’t manage to watch too many 🙂

    i maintain 2 blogs.
    1. – a personal blog on india, indianness, and the myriad things that catch my attention. and
    2. – a blog for philosophy, vedanta, chinmaya mission, etc. for those people who are interesed in such stuff.

    do drop in when you can.

    keep writing 🙂



  3. Hi saw this movie over the weekend. Definately not a 1 star movie. Actually quiet liked it. 3 stars as given by Deep is appropriate.

    There was hardly any overacting. Everyone played thier part well.

  4. After reading the review on indiafm i think no to see. But after reading the review on ur website. I tempted to do so. In the end i think, you praised more. I do agree that it is not that bad but not that good either. Every thing has something missing sp. direction could be more powerful and acting is also not that good. In the end, i must say that the impact is missing.

  5. SHRUTI NAUTIYAL 19-Nov-2007 at 1:47 am

    ” A small happy family living somewhere in Haridwar”

    Hey get your facts right!!! The shooting location was Banaras. You seriously need to watch the movies carefully dude (if you’re reviewing a movie, i.e.)

    Also, in women oriented movies, why do you need a hero? I wonder why India does not accept such films. I remember a movie called SAMAY. I loved that movie. Was there any hero? Or did that movie require any hero?

    BY THE WAY – I DIDN’T LIKE LAGA CHUNRI MEIN DAAG. Also, I don’t agree with what you’ve written about it. Does that surprise you? The story could’ve been well narrated. Stale climax. Not-so-good music. That’s where the movie lost its points. And not because of NO ROLE OF KUNAL KAPOOR AND ABHISHEK BACHHAN AS HEROS.

  6. Shruti – So you mean to say, if I had written it as Banaras then it would have affected review in some major way? lol It was not some rocket science fact which would have changed the whole work.. so be cool.. it was just a place name which was not much imporant in the movie.. take it as a small village that’s it..

    About women oriented movie requring a hero – did i say that it did require?

    About you liking and not liking it – boss, I don’t have anything to do with it.. I write what I feel, not it is on people to decide what to do.. the music was good (not very good) according to me, the only thing didn’t click was the common story, which was imporant part of it. But I personally liked the movie and it was certainly not like a 1 star movie.


  7. Shruti Nautiyal 02-Dec-2007 at 10:53 pm

    If you’re writing a review you need to be clear about the fact that the entire world will read it and you’ll have to provide correct information! That’s all I meant when I wrote – the place is Banaras and not Haridwar. Get it?

    And about the rest, mind you, many people like me first go through the reviews of a movie. Don’t title your thoughts as REVIEWS, please!

  8. Shruti – but does being Banaras or Haridwar affect the story or review? No, it does not, it’s just a place which has nothing much to do with the movie. If some wrong information would have affected the thing, then I would have definitely changed it but in this case, it does not make a difference at all.


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