Domain Name Buying Quick Tip

I just had a really good lesson in domain name buying, I had decided on one domain name in the morning, it was a very short and cool domain name. In the morning it was available, I thought I will buy it in the evening (Once I am back from the meeting) and now this laziness is costing me very much..

The domain got registered in the afternoon and in short, I could not get it…

So, if you come up with an idea of some domain name, just buy it quickly.. don’t be lazy like me.. I guess John will also agree with me on this one.. (We both have had very good experiences in this)


  1. Why not mention the domain if its already taken. Was it taken by chance or was it that bloody script had infected your computer ?

  2. no, it was bought by some big shot.. I have backordered .com version of it.. let’s hope I get it.. will mention the domain whenver the need arises 🙂 may be onec i get the .com one hehe

  3. One shouldn’t pass up a good thing or never delay getting it. Time, Bus, Gals & Domains wait for no one! 😉 😛

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