Mukesh Bhai paase Bahu Paisa…

haha, before you ask, let me tell you what does this Gujju line mean.. it means, Mukesh Bhai (Mukesh Ambani) is too rich..

Now, he is world’s richest man.. damn.. WORLD’S RICHEST MAN.. amazing.. I am sure Anil Ambani will follow his brother soon..

So, moral of the story is… keep a good stock of Reliance’s shares… specially, Reliance Petroleum (Sensex Graph), Reliance Industries (Sensex Graph) and Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd. (Sensex Graph)

I will start investing after the marriage haha (Which is on Jan 19th)

Update: Sad news, like bhanu said in the comment, it was just a rumor, reliance ruled out this thing totally.. he is currently on 14th position (20.1 billion). More details here

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  1. lol.. cool we will write in the invite… “no gifts, only cash will be accepted” πŸ˜› … and thn we can use tht money in your investment… lol πŸ˜‰

  2. Yeah I heard the news yesterday… I hope he will remain as the #1 richest man for a considerable amount of time. But Sensex is so volatile. Let see whether luck favors him and the Indians..

    BTW an advanced Happy married life πŸ™‚

  3. by the time u get married the stock prices will become double πŸ˜‰ start something from now onwards.. lol

  4. Bhanu, you are right.. It was just a media speculation based on the share market rates… I have updated the post with correct info.


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