Happy Diwali…

I just love this festival.. everyone buying new stuff.. fireworks, lanterns, sweets.. oh,  I love these things..

I don’t know but Diwali always give me some kind of strength to work more and more… and I simply love it..

So without wasting much of time.. Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali.. enjoy the festive season, be with your family, friends, girlfriend.. give them gifts, sweets and have fun..

Here is the Diwali card that we designed today for Web1.

Happy Diwali


  1. enjoy u r diwali by watching oso must see

    This film is based on reincarnation. The story starts in 1977: a junior artist Om Prakash Makhija (Shahrukh Khan) falls for Shantipriya (Deepika Padukone) an actress famous for her beauty. Om is happy that she likes him. But, his heart breaks when he finds out that she loves someone else. Shantipriya dosen’t know that the man she loves is an evil person with evil intentions. One day, he murders Shantipriya. Om finds Shantipriya in her last moments of her life. She dies and he, unable to bear the tragedy, passes away too. 30 years later, Om Kapoor a very successful, actor, who was Om Prakash in his previous life and immediately reincarnated, meets Sandy, who was Shantipriya in previous life and reincarnated. Now, only Om can recognize the murderer of Shantipriya and together they hunt the culprit of a crime committed years ago.

    happpy diwali

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