Om Shanti Om Movie Review

Sorry, guys for posting this bit late. Had watched this movie last night but this holiday season kept me on the bed till now haha..

Anyways, back to the movie.

Farah Khan, I still remember her not so good but super hit masala film Main Hoon Na. I was very disappointed with the film and I was expecting the same kind of thing from her next movie, Om Shanti Om. I knew it is going to have all typical bollywood masala stuff with no logic and all, and to the extent the movie was all about that only but the only changed thing was, I liked the movie. Yes, I did like it despite of all illogical 2nd half. Let me just quickly take you through the story and then come on to why I liked the movie.

The story is very straight forward. Om (Shahrukh Khan) junior artist of 70s era falls in love with superstar Shanti (Deepika Padukone) and later he finds out that she was already married to the producer Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal). Mukesh Mehra who eventually kills Shanti after finding out that she is pregnant (Her pregnancy ruined his film project “Om Shanti Om”). Om tries to save her but both of them could not survive. 30 years later.. Om Kapoor the superstar (Shahrukh Khan) visits that place (Where Shanti had died) for shooting purpose and suddenly he starts recollecting everything which happened in his past life. Now, his mission is to reunite with his Past life mother (Krron Kher) and friend Pappu (Shreyas Talpade), find the girl who looks like Shanti, (They found her also, Sandy – Deepika Padukone) AND punish Mukesh Mehra (Who is now well known producer of Hollywood, known as Mike). Rest is for you to watch.

Okay, now it’s review time.

The movie gears with great start in the first half, the way 70s era was shown was fantastic, everything was just perfect but the movie falls down badly in the 2nd half. The direction in the 2nd half is exactly opposite of 1st half. Very poor direction, infact I am sure director must have got confused in what she was trying to portray. It was looking as if the scenes were just shot for the songs. Take example of the song, Dard E Disco, to show that stupid song, they had to waste whole 5 minutes, just to start that song (they had some stupid scene added to have that song in the movie). Pointless song, they could have shown that in the end. The whole filmfare awards thing in 2nd half was also pointless, Om Kapoor was being awarded as best actor for his stupid acting. (Check his nominations), again this whole thing was created just to show the song Om Shanti Om (with 31 film stars), now that’s a different story that the song was a treat. But again, they could have shown it as some birthday party song or something.

Now, there were few more blunders and flaws. Apart from bad portrayal of Om Kapoor in the 2nd half, the character of Sandy was also very poorly portrayed, damn.. I don’t understand what the hell she was doing without any good dialogues.. all I could see was, she trying out new clothes and staring with those killing eyes. No chemistry between Om and Sandy.

Now, if you ask me what were the good parts of the movie. Well, the good parts were the bad points I have just mentioned above. What the hell? Why? How come? Because all these stupid things have one big factor involved, i.e. ENTERTAINMENT. Aam Janta does not understand these things much nor they will go so much deep into it. They came to watch SRK doing stupid things and make them laugh. They came to watch SRK showing his six-pack abs, they came to watch those 31 stars dancing with SRK. And that’s it. They don’t care, why Sandy do not have more lines, they do not care why Om Kapoor was superstar.. they do not care about the logic in the 2nd half.

They got all they wanted and that’s it. Movie is a hit, paisa wasool. SRK got what he wanted, public got what they wanted. So why to worry about those 10% who did not like the movie or found the 2nd half stupid.

The only reason I liked the movie was, it’s entertainment factor. Despite of 2nd half being awful, it made me laugh, it made me tap my feet on couple of songs. And that’s what i call paisa wasool movie. SRK knows how to make money out of the worst things too.

Okay, let’s sum up the things.

On the acting front, SRK ruled like always… (though he was not good in 2nd half). Deepika Padukone was excellent in 1st half. She looked like a cutie pie. Again, like SRK, she was not at all good in 2nd half. Krron Kher was good, Shreyas Talpade was good in 1st half. Arjun Rampal gave one of his better performances.

Music was very impressive, Music played a major role in the movie. Direction was very poor (last category) in the 2nd half but SRK handled everything on his shoulders, and we will see the results in couple of weeks.

So, overall, the movie was total time pass, with high entertainment value. The movie will be loved by aam janta. The movie surely deserves atleast [rating:3/5] BUT if you ask for my personal rating, I would simply rated it [rating:1.5/5] This is just because technically speaking, 2nd half was pathetic but it works the other way in India.


  1. I think this is the first time i dont agree with your review.

    If such movies work in India, then the future of Hindi cinema looks bad.

    “They came to watch SRK doing stupid things and make them laugh. They came to watch SRK showing his six-pack abs, they came to watch those 31 stars dancing with SRK. And thatÒ€ℒs it. ”

    Abs were seen in the promos, and all the 31 stars were shown too.. Am not saying the movie has to have a great script to be entertaining.. But it atleast should be a engrossing watch.. I would rather watch a Chak De India 100 times than bear the torture of a movie like Om Shit Om.

    Second half was pathetic, then how come 3 stars? Your personal rating, should have been the actual rating of the movie! πŸ™‚

  2. haha but many times it happens that our personal ratings are something which will not be in favor of normal public, so we have to see the movie from the point of view of normal public too…

    and yea, Chak De Rocks.. just got my DVD yesterday from Yasrajfilms hehe

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    I need the code I need the code πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
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  4. Deep i read your review completely now.. And it seems even though you enjoyed it.. You enjoyed it for completely the wrong reasons..

    SRK in one of the scenes says, “Over acting toh mere Khaandaan mein hai.” or the “Phir Bhi dil hai NRI” and “Main Bhi hoon na” nominations. If u try to understand srk nomination video.. The backdrop is same, the song is also same.. just the girl changes.. Isnt that what he is accused for? For acting the same way in same kinda movies.. SO he is actually making fun of himself!

    And also that scene you mentioned just before the Dard-edisco song.. He comes late to the sets.. which he does in real life also.. Again its a spoof on himself..

  5. I doubt about making fun of himself becasue it was about just a joke on every actor.. jokes were on the actors like Govinda, Abhishek, Akshay etc.. too So I think it was all cool.

    About coming late on the sets, I am not sure whether he does or not but one thing I am sure, other actors also do the same.. only few come on time..


  6. I also didn’t like the movie. It made me laugh, yeah, but it’s BS all the way.

    The jokes were not only on Govinda, Abhishek, Akshay etc, but also the South Indian (it’s 100% Tamil, by the way) actors.

  7. Rahul – haha no, Ashok is a very good friend.. we both eat movies together.. haha we discuss about the movie, before going, in the interval and after the movie.. lol and this time we had good discussions on OSO haha

    Ashok – Yes, it was SRK’s spoof too but it did not leave any other actors either..

    About negative review, yes… as mentioned earlier too.. all the points mentioned by you are totally valid but the point is, in India people don’t care about the logic.. BOI says, it got around 95-100% openings in single screens and multiplexes.. so I think 2nd week mein he superhit but yea again, on my personal level.. the movie sucked..

  8. first half was good, 2nd half ummmmmmm
    but u see we go to cinema for fun, entertainment, and for relaxation, 95% movies doesnt make sense or logic wether its hollywood or bollywood, dont judge movies by its logic, of course there has to be some connection which in 2nd half was hard to find, movie was entertaining through first half, acting, songs.

  9. I don’ agree with your pathetic reviews mate….go ahead direct a movie and THEN LET THE SO CALLED AAM JANTA OF WATEVA U CALL THEM….TO COMMENT…..AYE…WAT SAY

  10. Farah Khan, the director, is a mildly improvised version of David Dhawan! The movies hardly make any sense, sequence of events have no logic. So leave your brains at home, sit back and have fun.

    I too enjoyed OSO and may still watch it again (of course, partly) when it comes on television after few months. But it surely is just one more typical masala movie.

    @Azam: How many reviewers actually make movies themselves?

    And to follow your logic, let’s have some reviews from you and see how good/bad you write! If Deep can’t criticise movies without making movies, you shouldn’t criticise reviews without writing reviews! Or wait! You should first make movies, then write reviews! πŸ˜‰

  11. Rahul – There is no fight here, just a arguement. Deep is a good friend and we keep talking about movies all the time.

    Ashish – haha well said!

  12. Deep – You said the same thing what i said, i missed your comment. I think you should fix this comment thing. It is so confusing. Till yesterday it was in Ascending order, today it is descending (last comment first)

    It is better in Ascending order I feel!

  13. Ashok – From page 2 it changes the order. I will have a check about it in the next version of my site πŸ™‚





  15. OSO – what to say except, that super satrs (SRK) can get away with any thing; make the moolahs with stupid movie. earlier it was Akshay with the maha stupid Heyy baby ( super hit ) and noe SRK with this stupid OSO super duper hit. It is all about marketing & big names , I guess, a total waste of time and money. Bollywood Standards are just getting lower and lower year after year.

  16. πŸ˜† Congrats Deep! Your blog has celebrity visitor list! πŸ˜†

    Feel free to delete the spams! πŸ˜‰

  17. the movie review was great. it was exactly wut i thought while watchin the movie/.. haa. me personally liked the movie for the entertaing fact. The first part was hilariouss..Pappuu..hah.
    anyways thx for the review! enjoyed it

  18. The movie was not so great…How come everybody accepted so readily that Om was reincarnated? Shreyas n Kirron r understandable coz first,a mother’s heart does not lie EVER lol as always, n second, the speech he said for the filmfare would convince pappu that om had come back…but Om didnt seem to be too worried at first that he could be going crazy…it was like “ok i got these memories flashing thru my life, so of course i reincarnated, m not schizophrenic or anything of course” n then SANDY BELIEVES HIM?n her explanation for her willingness to believe is so stupid: because she believed the characters he acted as in movies…HELLO?u need to be in coocoo house!i`d be a tad bit skeptical at least…reasonable ppl do that…they process crazy info n then decide…they DON’T go “oh so u r the reincarnation of om?OKIE-DOKIE…moving on to make Mukesh pay!” but it had funny scenes that were quite entertaining…but overall,i thought i could’ve just watched the last song n the ending (in which i think Deepika did really well) n i could’ve used the rest of the time studying for my finals lol….but yeah,not as funny as i thought it’d be…i can’t believe I am even saying this but Main Hoon Na was better than this movie

  19. Loved this movie! Very entertaining, and the music is wonderful. My husband and I are immensely enjoying Shahrukh Khan’s films. After having watched scores of American movies, these movies are refreshing.

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