The days have become more like hell these days… lots of work, no good guys, damn I am even ready to pay more than 3 lakh per annum package but bloody no good guys.. I am fed up of freelancers so have decided do everything on my own..  (Day time: meetings, emails, office work. Night time: PHPing)

Had hired a fresher couple of months back and tried to teach him the stuff.. damn, I knew very basic PHP but still I was able to do the stuff and the other guy, he could not even code the stuff without my help. And the results? Whole bloody mess…. just finished recoding one of his piece of code..

What has happened to today’s people.. everyone wants to work with MNCs, sit on the desk and do nothing. Why the hell people don’t think about growth?

Damn, this frustration.. damn.. this is the best place to let it come out..



  1. Well I wish I knew PHP…would have come there πŸ˜› hehe, but yeah its a pity…people should understand why MNCs are not always good…especially in the starting of one’s career. And yeah let it come out πŸ˜›

    PS: Tu sota kab hai be? πŸ˜› Ek baj gaye so jao Deep bhaiya πŸ˜›

  2. Hmm.. Your right.. These days getting someone who is hard working and trustworthy is mukhil hi nahi na mumkin hai…

    Am struggling in search of a good writer from the last 6 months.. πŸ™ Hired as many as 7 guys, most ditch after 2 articles.. LOL

  3. Rohit – Kal jaldi so gaya tha haha slept after posting that stuff..

    Ashok – You are right man..

    Ranjan – I am waiting for that festive season πŸ™‚ and yea, I am serious, if you are looking for PHP job after graduation, do let me know.. after the marriage, i have plans to hire 1 more PHP guy and 1 jr. designer too..

  4. i am graduating someday. i love php. i am liking xml these days. i have already coded my web3.0 app on opensocial APIs n i consider u a geek. i dont mind taking a 3.2+ and i dream a lot. someday we’d work together πŸ™‚

  5. wish I were at Mumbai, would love to work with you. I do n’t bother whether it MNC or otherwise as long as have assignments to keep me busy.

  6. Wish if I could know php.but sorry deep bhaiya.

    If you have any requirement in siebel systems please let me know.

  7. 5-10 years from now.. You will see a lot of youngsters begging on the streets..

    Now one want’s to learn or grow.. IT is building a huge empire of lazy b@stards n b#tches in India.

    Hope I can help you – If you are stuck do feel free to ping me.

  8. I haven’t consistently coded in PHP and neither have I developed anything big but I like PHP. Who knows someday maybe I’ll be working for you :D.

  9. hey Deep ,
    Got to know about you from Ranjan.I have just started PHP and i must say its got its logics in place.I started with but guess what it sucks.
    So i have finally decided as PHP as my language.I am basically looking for some guide who helps
    me in organizing the learning pattern.Yes I can take up a few projects if you are willing.I will be in Mumbai this week.Also from Jan 2008 i will completely free till August and PHP is what gonna be taking up my time. Looking forward to merge your need and my Intrest.

  10. Hey i have worked on php for 1.5years, currently working on software testing.
    I would be happy to do some assignments for you.if you are interested in hiring a freelancer (i can work on week nights and weekends) mail me, i will send my resume.


  11. Hi Vaibhav and srikanth,
    Thanks for replying but I am not looking for freelancers for the work. I am more interested in full time people..


  12. Do I qualify? For a package of 300k p.a. I am ready to work full time.

    I have 2 years experience in C and VB. Some of PHP and little of C++/Java. Sir, I am quick learner and will pick up things fast. I also have RDBMS experience. So within 1-2 months I will start making full fledged PHP+MySQL apps for you.

    I am really not interested in MNC jobs. Only such jobs excite me. Please sir, please …


  13. Hi Deep,

    The day when you post about your company having new office and have hired programmers. I was damn sure about todays post.

    Every one in this field is effected with this problem.

    I pray to god to bring IT down, hence there will be lots of cleanup.

    Take Care,
    Vipul Parekh

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