haha Funny Maya..

I am kind of away from movie scene for past few weeks. (Due to heavy work load) But today I came across an article on rediff about the latest Madhuri Dixit Movie, Aaaja Nachle.

To cut the story short, Mayawati bans Aaja Nachle in UP. Why? Well, according to her, a line in one of the songs might hurt sentiments of Dalits (Backward cast people).

Now the 1st question will popup in your mind will be, What the hell is that line?

haha, Thanks to one comment poster in Rediff, the line is:

bole mochi bhi khud ko sunaar hai

I am still trying to figure out how this line will hurt sentiments of Dalits? And why such a harsh ban on the movie? Lack of courts in UP?

Another bad attempt to get more votes!!!

I am really happy that Mayawati’s Mumbai Rally was a flopshow..

God save India…


  1. I do think its a derogatory remark.

    One may argue banning the movie was the right measure or not.

  2. Hi deep,

    I am regular reader of your blog and a fan and friend of you… friend because i know many things about you by reading your personal blog. And like very much it. I also like your posts on different issues.

    What i want to say here is that i do agree that wording of that song are not at all hurting sentiments of any community (dalits). It is all vote bank politics. I am not at all agree with mayawati’s stand on it.

    In many movies i have seen comments on dalits. And feel very bad on that. But banning movie is not a solution. You can just remove that line from song or that scene if required.

    But by reading your language on this post and few previous posts regarding issues related to dalit community, i feel that you are against this community or you have wrong impression about this community.

    I am from dalit community. And for all issues community is not responsible but politics is behind it. And it is being played by each and every political party whether it is party who has give us freedom or safforn parties. All are miss-using community to be in power or to come in power.

    But we, you and me.. We are from next generation of india. we have to stand unite against it. So plz be little bit soft on community. May your intension was not same. But as a friend i have express my feelings over here.

    Thanks for approving my response. I have used as email id for posting response. Sorry for that.

  3. Hi,
    I have nothing against any community, infact I don’t believe in different religions and communities. For me, being a human is the only important thing, I don’t care about the rest.

    About the language I have used in the post, actually, it would have been same if it was about any other cast, the harsh language is more towards the decision being taken for such a silly issue.

    You might be wondering about the “backward class” I mentioned there, actually since Dailt is not a very known term, so I thought of writing it in English too. I am not aware if there is any other word for it, if you know it, do let me know, I will fix it up.
    But again, the post is not pointing to anyone in any community but it is pointed to the politicians who are doing anything to get the votes.


    Ashwin – the line means cobblers calls himself as Jeweler. Generally cobblers belong to a particular community and jewelers belong to a different community. So the song means to say that, cobblers are calling themselves jewelers.

  4. haha… i watched the entire movie and i toh don’t even remember when that line came and went by… but overall the movie is nice 🙂 shouldnt be banned at all…

  5. Hi Deep…

    You are right.. Now again when i have read the post few more times i feel that your language is very usual, but it was initial thoughts that came to my mind..

    N one more suggestion..

    Make one email id, so readers (means your fans) can mail you about any thing directly or if they want you to post regarding any issue or want moview review of their choice from you. Becoz many times after watching movie when i read review from you then my angel of seeing movie is changing.

    Cheers.. Have a good friendship ahead…

  6. About friends@whoisdeep.. I don’t see any necessity for the same, anyone can contact by simply by filling up the contact form on the top.


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