Phoren Luck..

I have a very bad luck in buying things from abroad.. firstly, I bought Xbox 360 from US… it got screwed up and eventually I had to sell it off for USD 150 on ebay. Then I bought laptop stand for USD 91, the first one was not functioning properly so they sent me replacement but it was also not working properly, so finally sold both the stands for Rs. 200 to kabadiwala.

Now, it is time again for the bad luck to knock my doors.. haha.. I recently asked my friend (who is currently in US) to get an iphone for me. He bought it today and I just found out that it has version 1.1.2 pre-installed, which cannot be unlocked. (At this moment no unlocking solution is available for 1.1.2 version phones)

So, now, I have asked my friend to return it if possible and if not, one more paperweight in the list..


  1. Well that definitely sucks man. Even though they might find a way to hack it soon enough there is no guarantee that it will come soon. I would have suggested waiting but they might not take it back if you try to give it after a long time.

  2. Awww Deep,

    You and Saks go hand in hand it seem ( Well, kinda :p )

    Anyhow, an unlock _is_ available for the 1.1.2, but as they say, its not _as_ stable.

    Wait a few days, something will see the sunlight.
    Atleast, you have an iPod to use as. Jailbreak it.

  3. Setu – Like you said, Jailbreak works but I do not get much time for listen to music these days so using it as ipod won’t be of much use for me but yea it is a good idea for ipod lovers..

    Praval – Thanks for the link…

    Preshit – Unlocking solution is available for version 1.1.2 but with bootloader 3.9, the new iphones (released after the week 39 – 40) have bootloader version 4.6 or something and firmware version 1.1.2 and unlocking these iphones is not possible till date. Earlier one had a backdoor which allowed hackers to unlock it but it has been fixed in latest version of bootloader.

    I have asked my friend to see if he can return the iphone, I think that’s the best option for now.

  4. Dude !! Don’t return it man! Wait a little, I’m sure a workaround will come. Geeks all round the world are working on it πŸ˜›
    Otherwise, you’ll write a new post. “Phoren Luck 2 .. I returned the iPhone and they launched the unlocker” πŸ™‚

  5. haha just returned.. friend will be going to US again in a month, so will get it once the unlocking solution it out..

  6. Gaurish(gary4gar) 11-Dec-2007 at 8:47 am

    haha nice job deep:)
    now stick to buying goods from INDIA only.
    at least you can pull the collor of person & hit him if your product does not work πŸ˜›

  7. I have the same problem. Right now I’m using cingular (AT&T) and everything is fine — but I do plan to use it with my BPL connection once I’m back in Bombay — hope someone unlocks the phone before that…

  8. Lemme know if you need something from UK :d !! My friend is leaving to India on 12th of Jan.. may be.. u need something πŸ˜€ !!

    And am very sad to hear your experience.. unfortunately I have been happy with anything I bought from abroad.. my laptop.. my zune.. my external hdd (320 GB) and couple of others.. none of them had any issue or i sold them anywhere πŸ™‚

    spend more time in finding what you want and understanding how reliable they are.


  9. Sorry I shouldnt be amused by your misfortune. I am fortunate enough to have only had problems with small value things like cables for connecting phone to pc.
    I didnt lose too much money. But surely in a global community with should at least expect global specs.

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