1. 🙂 looks like someone here lost a project — sour grapes??

    jk — good luck with that “bigger project” which is “on the way”


    ahh, pointless sarcasm…!

  2. Amit – haha no I didn’t this time but yea, earlier I had lost couple of them, this thing came in mind while doing something so thought of posting it online.. 🙂

    Viral – Yes, it pays.. but people tend to choose the other way..

  3. Not only in business but also in life same thing happens too…

    Always be happy…

    Better is yet to come

    It remind me of one dialog on Jab We Met movie

    When Shahid kapoor comes back to his company and in his first speach he said…

    “Our markert shares a re all time low…new products are flops…and blah blah…and in end he said..
    Apni toh watt lag chuki hai sab kuch bura ho raha hai. Dont worry ab jo bhi hoga acha hi hoga 🙂 “

  4. Thanks for tagging but I am not sure, when I will get chance to write something on it.. will try to do it soon.. but not sure when.. hehe

  5. Just some more bout of optimism!

    If you are sure your services are better than the most, those big project guys will some day come back to you. (Yeah, this is from personal experience 😉 )

    I know about one project that you have lost. You posted about it. I can see what they have done (after taking it away from you). And it just looks as silly as it was looking earlier. 😀

    So bear in mind, you rock! Web1 will be no.1 in web. 🙂

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