Call of Duty 4 ROCKS

Just got a copy of COD4 today from Planet M (had to wait for a week for it to arrive). I must say, it is totally over my expectations.. just amazing game.. superb graphics and it is certainly not to be missed..

I won’t be able to write much about it as I don’t want to lose opportunity of playing COD4.. (Switched on my Xbox console after almost a month)


  1. Even I’m waiting for this game. Its the #1 game all over the gaming sites, and me being a fan of this series just cant wait to lay my hands on it. Post some more about the game after you play a few levels Deep.

  2. hehe, I always knew Megha wont let Deep play games after marriage.

    Megha plz let him play and have some fun and have some relief from all the work he does. Poor Deep.

  3. lol… guys chill.. i m not gonna restrict Deep from playing games… infect even i love games…i have already given my fav games list tht he will be buying for me .. lol … i wont stop him playing .. i will actually play with him .. hahaha…

  4. I have the PC version of COD4 since the last five weeks and I absolutely love it. I finished the single player game and started playing online two weeks ago. And I must say, I am hooked to the multiplayer gameplay as well.

    It’s a must-play game. I think everyone who enjoys first person shooters will adore this game.

  5. Got my copy of COD4 for PC this Chrismas, but sadly now need a new graphics card to be able to play it 🙁
    From what I read, the COD programmers who have been working with COD for years have now completely rewritten the 3D engine.

  6. the same problem wid my comp dude the graphic card requirement are too high~~~can somebody plzz release games that work on 128 mb and are “GOOD”

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