Drunk Drunk Drunken..

I sometimes don’t understand, there is a ban on drink and drive but why there is no ban on drunken umpires? Steve Buckner is not ready to leave his habit of drinking on the field and ICC (and even BCCI) is just ignoring it..

It totally sucks when these idiots give wrong decisions each and every time.. it had happened earlier and today also.. Dravid was clear not-out but I don’t know what made Buckner give him out.

Sometimes I feel, racism is still not gone.. or may be there is corruption? or may be personal flames?

Whatever it is, cricket is getting affected because of this.



  1. This entire series has been marred my wrong decisions and almost all of them against the Indians. Even vs Pakistan we were on the receiving end!

    This is racism and to top it all, they accuse us of racism!!

    And Symonds actually looks like an ape!! Get fined for speaking the truth??

  2. Symonds does not look like an ape!! Look at the picture posted here —

    He looks decent when he’s not wearing sunblock on his lips.
    He knows he’s out on the field to play and does not care about how the sunblock marrs his looks. He’s probably concerned about the carcinosic infulence of direct sunlight on the labial tissues of the mouth. He’not worried about how it may influence some jerks into comparing him with the likeness of an ape.

  3. I think, its very human to make errors. How you people forget the dreadful decisions against Pakistan back in 99, when an indian Umpire held his finger wrongly against three Pakistanis. So its just matter of time nothing else. But saying this, it is not to justify but to think more constructively rather than anything. I think, by the help of (not use of) technology we might able to sort these problem.

  4. I agree that human errors are always going to be there but we can understand if it happens once, twice or say thrice in the series but here, it does not stop at all.

  5. i think india should come back from the series ~~~i know about the penalty that BCCI has to pay to ICC…but that fine we are the richest board afterall~~`

  6. Ok I have one question if anyone can answer ?

    If drinking and driving is banned why do Bar’s have parking lot ??


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