Next Saturday…

Next Saturday, 19th Jan 2008.. what I will be doing?

Few of my friends already know about it but for the ones who don’t know.. I will be tying knot to my girlfriend, Megha on 19th Jan..

If you ask me now, there are mixed feelings running around my head.. there is lot of excitement, there is some pressure related to work (mainly).. there is some tension about the things on the D day.. but I guess, things should be fine as the day comes near..

20th will be my reception.. on 23rd, I will be off for my honeymoon to Darjeeling, Pelling, Gangtok and Lachung. Will be back by 3rd Feb.

And then again.. back to work.. but yea.. a new life will start with new partner.. a new role.. a new responsibility and more love πŸ™‚

Need best wishes..



  1. Best of luck to Megha (I hope i spelled it correctly) and Deep.

    Do share ur snaps with us.

  2. ofcourse its going tobe fun.. one of the best days of your lives, wish you all the best πŸ™‚ and i am jealous of you…. you are going to sikkim ! darjeeling.. peling… …. haha enjoy it dude, it will be memorable!

  3. cheers and congratulations to you and megha.

    I just realized — after your marriage, you’ll become megadeep.

    lol! I know, I know — poor joke!


  4. Hi
    My heartful wishes to Deep & Megha.

    I had an idea to visit Mumbai(first time) to attend ur marriage when you got engaged. I thought it will be on Apr/May. But im not able to visit in this time due to some reason.

    So i send my wishes which fill the air of Mumbai on that wonderful day!!!!

    Congrats & Wishes


  5. Well, I’m over here in the US. I stumbled across your blog in the random way that lovers of all things Web do. Congrats on your impending nuptials. You sound pleased if a little bit scared. I haven’t been there yet, but hope to find what you have. If I could be there, I’d try to play something romantic on my bansuri for you.

    Best Wishes.

  6. Deepu & Megs,

    Wishing you’ll a very happy married life. May God shower you’ll with his blessings.


    ps: Now I can say Lol-ess and his Lol-awanti…hehe, don’t beat me people πŸ™‚

  7. oye sorry yaar, i forgot to call you on D-Day πŸ˜› was kinda busy, sorry again…anyways congratulations again, now you are not among us…shaadi shuda ho gaya hai tu…haha…mubarak ho…best of luck for the new phase in life

  8. Gaurish(gary4gar) 22-Jan-2008 at 10:54 am

    wishing you a happy married life,
    enjoy your honeymoon & the the other good things.
    This time is not comming back & you will remember it life long. So enjoy to fullest.
    now i expect no more blog post atleast till your honeymoon πŸ˜€

  9. Wishing a happy married life buddy.. Hope and and megha live life to fullest together.. with a lil pinch of rokna tokna, a lil of mannmanni.. make it a wonderful world together..

  10. Hi Deep

    Wishing you and your wife a very happy married life. It is a new start and may all the days of your life be full of happiness!!!


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