Shaadi se Honeymoon Tak.. (Pictorial)

As promised, here is the pictorial of selected pictures from Wedding to Honeymoon.

15th Jan 2008 – Pooja at Home

Megha and Me at Aarti
Randhal Na Lota

16th Jan 2008 – Card Party

People playing cards
Card Party

17th Jan 2008 – Sangeet and Mahendi

Sangeet and Mahendi

Trying hard to dance..
Sangeet and Mahendi

With friends..
Sangeet and Mahendi

18th Jan 2008 – Haldi Rasam

Ritual thing of teeka with some mischief added.. (Check the teeka on my left cheek.. heart shaped lol) 
Haldi Rasam

Haldi Rasam – people apply Haldi all over me
Haldi Rasam

19th Jan 2008 – The Wedding Day..

Shaadi Ke Pics

Shaadi Ke Pics

Shaadi Ke Pics

Shaadi Ke Pics
and we are married… 🙂

Mom & Dad showering blessings on us..
Shaadi Ke Pics

20th Jan 2008 – Wedding Reception

With friends..
Wedding Reception Pics

My new hairdo..
Wedding Reception Pics

23rd Jan 2008 – The Honeymoon begins.. haha

Bread Butter Time..

Darjeeling Pics

Blogging on the Honeymoon.. lol
That's Me Blogging

and finally, we are back..

And that was end of the pictorial.. 🙂

You can click on the links provided for every set but most of the sets will be having limited pictures for guests..


  1. Congrats!

    Seems you had a lot of fun. I’ve also been to Gangtok, Nathula Pass (in summer – still a feet of snow!) and it’s an amazing place to be.

  2. “Selected pics” :p of course! If you put all honeymoon pics, probably you blog will get “A” certificate from censor board 😀

  3. Gaurish aka gary4gar 04-Feb-2008 at 3:58 pm

    Deep,the most of fun parts are over, now starts the boring part :p
    /*Deep stuck in endless loop, named Home, office & later kids(not sure how late, maybe deep can carlify */
    int main()
    int i=1;

    ashish got his imagination going wild.:D

  4. I am sure your honeymoon dsnt end here Deep… You and Megha are set on a never ending honeymoon journey while it brings along sweet moments you both will cherish forever.

    Good luck bro… and have great fun :).

    Aseem N

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